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Default Re: Hospitalized in Aruba...Have no fear!

Originally Posted by barbiesara2003 View Post
The best thing for you to do is check with your insurance company to see where you are covered out of the country. Aruba doesn't take any outside insurance. What we had to do was pay the bill when I was discharged from the hospital and turn it in to our insurance company when we got home. If by chance you are on Medicare, you are not covered once you leave the states.

Hmm, that's interesting I never thought my insurance wouldn't be accepted. We have had friends/family go to the hospital for minor issues, like stitches, sprains, and stomach ailments, and don't remember how it was handled. I guess they did the same thing, paid up front and got reimbursed. I guess the smart thing to do would be to check with you insurance company to make sure. And if Medicare doesn't cover you at all if you leave the states, what do they expect you to do? Stay home and never travel anywhere? Perhaps a secondary insurance covers that then. Most people now have to carry a secondary insurance to cover what doesn't get paid by Medicare.
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