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Default Re: Napa-San Fran-Yosemite-Las Vegas-Sedona-Grand Canyon-Bryce NP-Moab-Salt Lake-Rapi

Originally Posted by ArubaMilie View Post
Thanks! Ohh I know.. just reading the places we went I would get tired.. I had to write stuff on cards for each day, otherwise I would have no clue what went on.. it did take me about 3 days to write..
I thought it was a great report, I enjoyed every word. Thanks for taking us with you. We used to write a trip diary on every trip we took, hiking, camping, boating, skiing. Mostly it was kind of boring facts, how much $ we spent, what we bought, what we cooked on the campfire, etc., but then mood altering anecdotes starting filling in here and there about the sunset, the sky, the water, the fish we caught, how hard the highest mountain was to climb, the people we met, and before you knew it you had a full-fledged story. We love reading these old diaries whenever we come across them. We stopped writing them when we kept returning to Aruba, but this year I was determined to get back to it. I wrote stuff every day, on anything I could get my hands on, the back of the paperbook I was reading, a menu, a napkin, etc. If I had brought a laptop with me, I would have been writing the same stuff in my posts so it's kind of the same thing. It took me many days to write my trip report. But I gotta say, I had a good time doing it. A real good time.
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