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Default Re: Soul Beach going on - be careful driving

you are right that accidents do and will happen and care is important, but our members who are 'in the know' are there to warn the rest of us of heightened dangers because of changing conditions. weekends on the island are always a bit worse because the residents also have time to get into a party mood. add a concert to the mix and we can multiply those dangers exponentially. whenever any of the venues around my home have concerts, we all know to look out as we do at bar closing times, sporting events ending, and anywhere that drinking is allowed. locals to our area know the drill but tourists (and my city is a big tourist area) haven't a clue unless we warn them.

remember that tourists tend to think of themselves as invulnerable so are careless. if we don't warn them when we can of altered conditions we are being negligent. for that reason i always appreciate the warnings from liz and other aware members.

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maybe so....i've surely made my share of mistakes but I only (at least my intent) was to reference what was written. Accidents do and will happen so perhaps the bottom line message is to be careful.

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