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jmaliniak Sunday, February 20th, 2011 10:52 AM

Amigo Car rental - less then reputable
I would like to give a word of warning about Amigo Car rental. We rented an auto for 3 days. We were told it was the last car. The car broke down twice. (We got stuck at Baby Beach and waited there for help well after everyone else left [we were told it was a bad key "?"] and, the next day, jumped into the car at 6:45am to meet a fishing charter at 7am only to find the battery dead again [ended up taking a cab])

After the second time, we got it started with the help of road side assistance and brought it back.

We went to the rental office to get a new car. The branch manager (owner??) communicated such disregard for our inconvenience and vacation time we lost due to the poor condition of the car and, to add injury to insult, suggested that we needed to pay his inflated price to get the gas tank filled to pre- rental level. We had no other option because they would not release the car to us to go have it filled unless we agreed not to turn it off. We argued and he reluctantly waived the charges.

They produced another car from the lot. It operated fine but it was in very bad condition (dirty torn upholstery, bumper nearly falling off, ignition switch separated from the steering column). My husband and I disagreed on cutting our losses and walking away at this point but he won and we drove the car away from the office. We operated the car close to the hotel over the next 24 hours without issue.

Upon returning the car as scheduled (and without incident) at the end of the rental period, we were asked where the little plastic Amigo Key tab was. (little plastic logo with paper tape on the back with the license number) We could not find it. We were told we owed them $25. Yes, $25 for a plastic key ring (not the "clicker", not the "Key", the plastic tab with there logo. After another trip back to our hotel and then back again to the office, they agreed on a reduced charge of $15.

Our 1st experience in Aruba was perfect :thumbs_upwith exception of our outrageous and disappointing interactions with Amigo:thumbs_do. I suggest that anyone else planning a trip will book their rental at the same time they book their flight and in doing so will likely avoid this organization.

learjet7 Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011 08:53 PM

Don't rent from American car rental
What a junk box .

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