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Kent Friday, July 22nd, 2011 06:37 AM

the BEST snorkling in ARUBA!!!!
I have 10 water scooters and in the past I have been taking alot of people from the boards snorkling at Mangel Halto. Its by far the BEST snorkling on the Island with alot of coral and fish.
In the past years, I have seen spotted eagle rays, mana ray, sting ray, eels, turtles, squid, flounder, octypus, shrimp, crabs, lobster, barracuda, and even other strange sea creatures.

The waterscooters are called Bladefish, its a fan that you hold under the water and it pulls you along so you can cover more area to see more things when you snorkle. You can get strong currents there and there are very tight areas so you really need to follow someone that knows the area.
I am here for my 23rd time and I spend 6 to 9 weeks when I come so I have snorkled Mangel Halto probably close to 1,000 times, I believe you could say that I know the area well.
We also do alot of night snorkling which I have underwater spot lights and it is very cool if you are adventurous!

I met a young man from the UK the first of this trip and his name is Stuart and he is going to be staying ay Club Arias where I stay all the time. Its a great bed & breakfast and only 10 rooms and very quiet so if you need some xtra nights to extend your weeks or even to get cheaper air by coming a few days earlier or later, please check out Club Arias, You won't be disappointed!
Stuart is going to keep taking the people here at Club Arias snorkling with my sea scooters. If anyone on these boards want to snorkle the best spot on the Island and use the water scooters, please e-mail We can send you pictures and we do have to charge a fee for the scooters because they are like $700 each. We also provide all the equipment like I have in the past.
If you have no car, we will pick you up where you are staying.
I have so many people that e-mail me to snorkle and I am not on Aruba so this way, we can take the board members snorkling 12 months a year. I am in Aruba Summer and winter and Stuart will be here 12 months a year.
I dont check these boards that often so please e-mail if you want info and pictures. We also burn a cd with the hundreds of underwater creatures and coral and we also take your pictures of the trip with our underwater camara and e-mail them to you so it is a memory of a life time. I have heard from sooo many people that it was the highlight of their trip.

Have a great day.


Kent Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 09:56 PM

Re: the BEST snorkling in ARUBA!!!!
I hope to be back in Sept but if anyone wants to snorkle with the bladefish waterscooters, e-mail Stuart and he will take you out day or night for the more adventerous!!!

Eagle-Beach Boy Thursday, August 11th, 2011 07:35 AM

Re: the BEST snorkling in ARUBA!!!!
Kent: YOU are one of the BEST!!!! :shades_sm

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