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Elaine S Tuesday, July 15th, 2014 06:56 PM

Re: The Countdown's Begun
<twiddling fingers> So........ where are you Don??? We're waiting to hear all about your trip!! :devil_smi

donnie Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014 02:17 PM

Re: The Countdown's Begun
Well Elaine, this is the first time I have had to check in since we got back 11 days ago:sad_smile But Aruba didn't disappoint. We had a great time again and the fun never seems to stop. Every year we try to do something different and this year was no exception as we rode the "tubes" and really had a blast. The only disappointment was Pure Ocean. We have gone there the past couple of years and always had a good meal. This year, the food was awful and the service questionable. My meal was forgotten and I had to ask 3 different servers and one manager where it was and all I got was a blank stare. When it was brought out, it was cold. Val's mashed potatoes were cold also, not just lukewarm but cold. The couple we always go with had bad meals also and we are not picky eaters. Anyway, that being said, the rest of the trip was great and the Southwest flights went good. From check-in line to the gate was about 50 minutes on a Thursday. Not bad! Believe it or not, I may try a trip report this year!!

Elaine S Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014 08:55 PM

Re: The Countdown's Begun
Sorry about the bad meal. I've never eaten there, and now probably won't!

Glad everything else was great, and looking forward to a trip report!

Welcome home!!!

ruba4ever Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 07:57 PM

Re: The Countdown's Begun
Welcome back to da Burgh Donnie. Glad you made it there and back safe and sound. And I am also glad to hear you had a good experience with SW outta Pit. to Aruba. We are flying them this year too. Looking forward to it. We have flown them for domestic flights and have always had a good flight.
Sorry about the bad meal....but thanks for the heads up.
I am now counting down...quick trip to Vegas then full speed ahead for Aruba. :wink_smil
Eager for the report....please don't make us wait to


roschone Sunday, July 27th, 2014 09:27 AM

Re: The Countdown's Begun
Hi all - long time no talk. Time to get back in the swing of things. Although we usually make our pilgrimage in March, this year we are going for a quick trip in September, for one week only. We had a comp week at the hotel which we just realized expires at the end of the year. That coupled with cheap flights made the decision for us very easy. If we watch ourselves and go for cheap eats, we can pull this off for about $900 for the 2 of us. All we want is to veg on the beach. And we certainly know where to get bargain meals. It's been a long time since we've gone alone and for only 1 week, but I am excited since it was such an unexpected trip.

ruba4ever Friday, August 1st, 2014 08:36 PM

Re: The Countdown's Begun
I swear I replied to your post Ro....I inquired when in September you will be on the island? I don't know where it went....anyway, we may be there the same time. Maybe we could meet up at some point.
(shaking and scratching my head)
still wondering where my post went....maybe I forgot to hit send...:rolleyes:

Loving my countdown.....:island:

roschone Wednesday, August 6th, 2014 10:31 PM

Re: The Countdown's Begun
Weird, I actually got some kind of notification as a pm from you. It said I got 1 like for my post from you. Not sure what happened there, but I knew you were around! I think we are there earlier than you, 9/7-14. Do we overlap at all?

ruba4ever Saturday, August 9th, 2014 10:18 PM

Re: The Countdown's Begun
No overlap Ro....we are on island after you. Would have been nice to meet you. Countdown is looking good now.


dixieluvsaruba Sunday, August 10th, 2014 09:57 AM

Re: The Countdown's Begun
28 days and counting !!!!!

I Love Aru

roschone Monday, August 11th, 2014 11:30 PM

Re: The Countdown's Begun
I had a feeling. It would have been nice to meet you too! We've never been there in September. Is it still windy? Love the wind....

ruba4ever Tuesday, August 12th, 2014 08:07 PM

Re: The Countdown's Begun
Yep...nice and breezy. We always go the same time...late Sept-early Oct. Birthdays and anniversary, all encompassed in our vacation. What better way to celebrate those occasions than on a beautiful island surrounded by people that you love and that love you...with blue waters, white sand, and cool drinks. I don't think there is any!!!


P.S. Sorry we won't be getting to meet each other.

roschone Thursday, August 14th, 2014 03:02 PM

Re: The Countdown's Begun
Good to know. I had heard that end of summer sometimes brings windless days. If I wasn't working, I swear I'd try to add a few days just to meet you. But it is what it is. Someday....

ruba4ever Sunday, August 24th, 2014 08:22 PM

Re: The Countdown's Begun
Hi all,

Just checking in on this Sunday evening to see how everybody is? And check my ticker...heheheeheee.

I can't believe summer is almost over....even though it really never seems like summer to me anyway. The weather gets warm...the sun shines a little bit more (although not much more this summer) it stays lighter longer...but unless you have kids in school, the seasons just run one into the other. Us working stiffs continue to work summer, winter, spring or fall.

The only thing that is keeping me going right now.....Aruba. My thoughts are completely centered on that beautiful little island and all she has to offer. And I guess that is the reason I know summer is ending. I wait for our annual trip to paradise even though I know that the warm weather here will soon be gone and the white wintry weather will not be far behind. And as far as the Farmer's Almanac is concerned...I guess we are in for a pretty bad one again. So, my trip will be even sweeter.

Hope everyone is doing well.....and as the summer winds down wherever you are....enjoy what's left of it.

Always in my fond memories...:rose:

roschone Friday, September 5th, 2014 12:00 AM

Re: The Countdown's Begun
Only a few more days and we're on our way. Going to be strange going for only a week, but we plan on doing nothing but sitting on the beach with some frozen libation. We will make the days stretch as long as possible. I feel like I should be more excited, but it's so hectic right now I don't have time to think. I guess I'd better get packing. I keep putting it off 'cause "it's only for a week". If I keep thinking that way, my suitcase will be empty!

ruba4ever Friday, September 5th, 2014 02:34 PM

Re: The Countdown's Begun
Have a great time....a week is better than nothing right? But you do need some get packing!! Keep us posted on things there, cause I'm not far behind you now.


ruba4ever Wednesday, September 17th, 2014 10:28 PM

Re: The Countdown's Begun
2 sleeps....can't wait to get back home....see you all on the flip side.


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