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Old Sunday, January 17th, 2010, 08:12 AM
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Default Dutch Marines off to Haiti

Pelican on gone to Haiti
16 Jan, 2010, 14:33 (GMT -04:00)

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The Arubaanse militia members with minister Richard fisherman (AVP) those gisternacht to border of the Dutch Navy chip set off to Haiti. Citycity CITy - the Dutch Navy chip Hr. M. Pelican with aid goods and 77 soldiers to border, have left today in the course of the morning from Aruba to Haiti. The ship arrives according to the expectations Monday morning, communicated Edwin Hofma, commander of marine barracks in Savaneta. What she exactly will do in the calamity area has been not yet confessed. That depends on the situation on arrival, said Hofma.

By our report donor
Shadë Cybulkiewicz

At the arrival in dialogue with the UN organisation OCHA it is examined where the soldiers will become used. To border boats also nine, four country bandits, one waterwagen, two are freight carriages and a heap other goods offer aid. Also 3000 need rations and 12,000 water bottles have been taken along. It is in any case sufficient for two weeks which the mission must will last as yet.
The ship left yesterday evening with aid goods from Curaçao and moored around two hours at night in the port of citycity city. The Dutch Navy had offered Arubaanse Red Cross space more hulgoederen to Haiti send along with because there was after loading the goods in Curaçao still place concerning.
It was important last night thus an upheaval with companies which came deliver at the very last moment still food, water and stuff. Oduber Agencies knew this way more than 20 stop pallets goods in the port juice to get with drinking water, packed food products and zaklantarens with batteries. Tropical Bottling Company made five stop pallets drinking water available and Viking Freight services ensured that these urgently to the port came.
To border is itself also medical staff. The Horacio Oduber hospital doneerde a large number of parcels with medecines (almost three stop pallets) and the Red Cross made stretchers available. These were hoisted with a crane to border by the leaving soldiers and using a large number of volunteers of the Red Cross.
A representative of the pharmaceutical company fisherman Trading (property of minister Visser) lets on site know that he got just to hear eight hours yesterday evening that Navy chip came pick up aid goods to Aruba. Everything have been hurried and at the last moment have been wrapped up and here naartoe have been brought. I hope that all goods in a coordinated manner are spread. I am nevertheless frightened that medecines with bee-lui-delicate in Dutch without accompaniment in the hands of the Haïtianen coming and then is found oneself used.
Round four hours at night everyone was surprised in the port by a visit of minister-president Mike Eman (AVP), minister of public health and sport Richard fisherman (AVP) and Minister for Economic Affairs, social matter and culture Michelle Winklaar (AVP). These came take pulse altitude or everything well went and their support to declare. Moreover fisherman came at the last moment still with water, juice and medical material such as a pallet with crutches. In sum from Aruba wide 30 stop pallets with aid goods to border has gone.
Prime minister Eman said `very proudly at zijn'. it is fine know that Aruba can contribute also really to moderating the pain of our people in Haiti. He told that the pictures have made much impression on him. Especially then I saw the reportage concerning a little girl of eleven years on television, I was a lot touched. It concerned a reportage of CNN concerning little girl a still living, jammed under the scree, which died eventually because she could not be helped on time. Veenstra, flat for departure that he said commander of pelican, at because of mission tasks but a little has seen of the calamity in Haiti. Toch Veenstra put no of having fear for what him and the rest of the soldiers soon to wait state. We are simply glad that we can these people shoot at aid.
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Old Monday, January 18th, 2010, 11:27 PM
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Default Re: Dutch Marines off to Haiti

Here's another article about the same effort. Kudos to the Aruban business community for stepping up.

This is a pictorial report of a very swift and well coordinated humanitarian action between Red Cross Aruba, the Dutch Marines, the Government of Aruba, the hospital of Aruba, members of the business community and the ports authority of Aruba.

The Dutch Marine ship “Hr. Ms. Pelikaan” was dispatched to Haiti on a humanitarian aid mission. After departing from Curacao, the ship entered Aruba’s harbor to collect equipment and marines (77 in total), to then head for Haiti.

Seeing that there was still some space available on board for transportation, the Dutch Marines contacted the Red Cross of Aruba and offered them the possibility to transport relief material to Haiti. However, this offer entailed one very particular challenge. Red Cross Aruba received the offer early Friday evening (January 15, 2010) with the notification that the ship would be departing the next morning (Saturday, January 16) at 5 a.m. (!). A little bit of a mission impossible since government offices and businesses were already closed.

The Red Cross sent out signals to Ministers, the hospital, the business community and the port authority for their support. Several business managed to find their employees at night and convinced them to help with this effort. The businessmen had an extra challenge, they would have to transport the goods to the harbor themselves as well (talking about asking too much sometimes…. But miracles do happen !!). More than 30 pallets of water, juices, packaged foods, flashlights and batteries, medical equipment and very valuable medication was delivered to the harbor on time and loaded aboard the Marine ship, and all of that in a couple of hours, when everything was already closed!!
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Old Tuesday, January 19th, 2010, 08:37 AM
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Default Re: Dutch Marines off to Haiti

Here's an update from the amigoe. Nice to see they are
taking 100 orphans to the netherlands!

First arrival of Antillean evacuees from Haiti
18 Jan, 2010, 07:26 (GMT -04:00)

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WILLEMSTAD — It is difficult to say how many people residing on the Antilles are still in Haiti or are still missing. “Just today, we had received new names of missing people”, says Eduard ‘Dito’ Mendes de Gouveia of Directorate Foreign Relations upon being asked. A group of 16 Antilleans and Arubans had arrived at Hato airport with an Insel-Air flight on Sunday evening.
Two persons are from Aruba and two others from St. Maarten. The other twelve live on Curaçao. Mendes de Gouveia could not say who there were exactly. However, he states that trainee Juri Arion had been localized and was transferred to the Dominican Republic. He will be flown to Curaçao tomorrow on an Insel Air’s flight.
Edward Heerenveen, director General and International Affairs of Insel Air does not know exactly who the passengers were that had been flown in that Sunday evening either, “although all of them had a Dutch passport or residence permit.”
Anyway, it is difficult to determine how many Antilleans are on Haiti or are missing, according to Mendes de Gouveia. “Even this morning, we still received reports on missing people. Today, Aruba will also start finding out how many people are missing.” Mendes de Gouveia does not have any news on the director of the Aviation Directorate, Siegfried Francisco and inspector Auxencio Isenia. The two are still reported missing.
The provision of information from Haiti is still very chaotic and we only succeed in getting people out of the country with great difficulty. Mendes de Gouveia confirms that the longer it takes, the more serious the situation becomes regarding the localization of people.
Mendes de Gouveia and Heerenveen do know that in any case the director of undertaking business El Consolador had been on the flight. “His head was bandaged because he had been injured during a hold-up.”
Heerenveen further states, that this is the reason why the United States – who is managing the airspace of Haiti – is only allowing rescue workers into the country. Private persons are not allowed entry for the time being. However, as soon as this is feasible, Insel Air will deploy extra relief flights to transport everyone having purchased a ticket as soon as possible.
Insel Air has two pending flights for today. However, it depends whether the American authorities will grant the airline company this possibility. “Until now we have received good cooperation because we had carried out flights in the framework of rescue activities. Now it regards charitable deeds, which is why we must await permission.”
In the meantime, Insel Air is receiving more requests to transport relief goods. A flight was scheduled for Trinidad today to collect relief goods and transport them to Haiti. In addition, we received a request from Venezuela, according to Heerenveen.
A number of Arubans are still missing in Haiti, which had been hit by an earthquake. The two Haitian residents of Aruba, who had been flown in from the disaster area to Curaçao yesterday with Insel Air, will be returning today. The Aruban government is considering whether to send an aircraft to Haiti as well in order to bring back those Arubans or Haitians living on Aruba.
The Aruban government also states it intends to donate money, but Premier Mike Eman (AVP) could not say the exact amount yet this morning. The Aruban Premier has requested the assistance of the Netherlands once again. This time it regards military assistance. Eman was also planning to visit the disaster area to acquaint himself with the situation, but states that he had been advised against doing so.
Furthermore, the Aruban government is organizing a radio- and telethon on all stations in order to collect money. This is scheduled to take place on January 25th. Yesterday, Premier Eman had visited families of missing Arubans/Haitians, amongst which the family members of a 13-year old pupil of De La Salle College (see page 9). The teenager had been in Haiti with her father for the holidays. Nothing has been heard from her since the earthquake. In the meantime, the Red Cross is calling on people who are well acquainted with Port-au-Prince to help with the identification of streets on Google Earth.

Haiti-flight ArkeFly
Two aircrafts of ArkeFly had landed at Hato airport one after the other this afternoon. The regular aircraft flies the scheduled flight Amsterdam-Curaçao-Aruba-Amsterdam. An extra flight is being deployed by order of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the benefit of Haiti.
More than one-hundred orphans from Haiti, for which the adoption applications had already been considered, will now be flown to the Netherlands sooner.
ArkeFly uses Curaçao as a hub because their aircraft is too large to land at the airport of Port-au-Prince. Insel Air is supposedly going to carry out the flight between Curaçao and Haiti. However, the question remains, to what extent the congestion at that airport will hold up the flight there.
According to schedule, the extra aircraft of ArkeFly will fly back to the Netherlands tomorrow.
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