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charlescroes Thursday, February 17th, 2011 10:28 AM

A Funny Feeling
Not too long ago I was on a flight out of Aruba with final destination USA. I guess I've made this flight or others similar to it at least 500 times. Another measurement would be the passports count (8).

All was normal and I sat by the window looking out. It hit me. I really am getting on a plane to leave the soil of the one place I really like walking on. For no reason at all, I got a bit glassy-eyed and started to think about my life here and what a joy it is. We had a few minutes delay and I wanted to get a magazine that I had in the overhead compartment. On standing I noticed so many foreheads leaning against the plastic windows. Lot's of people holding hands (Not something you see in a sub-way) and also the normal talking and laughing. As I looked at those that were laughing, their faces were full of a joy that comes from having visited a special place and the assurance that they are returning. I looked at all of this and got this funny feeling inside.

During the flight I had to go back to the restroom (will comment on that later) and way in the back I stood in the obligatory "line-waiting-for-potty" and found myself looking down at a young couple going over the papers of what seemed to be a recently bought timeshare. He looked happy and she looked a bit concerned as she used her cell phone to calculate numbers. Instinctively, she looked up and stared at me and asked if I was the guy that wrote the stories about Aruba. I nodded and she gave me this --HMM you look older in person look. I pointed to her papers and said "Timeshare?" He said yes and she raised her eyebrows.

On the way back to the seat, I stopped and assured them that they would enjoy their Timeshare for years to come and that it would be a way of life for them. I shook the mans hand and walked to my seat. As I turned to shuffle into my window seat I looked back and the couple had their heads against the window looking out.

About half way through the flight, I went for a "stretch" and noticed so many people quietly holding hands and heads touching or resting on shoulders.

It gave me a funny feeling

be well

Airplane Rest Rooms
They are non-existent.
no "be well
no "Charles"

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