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Eagle-Beach Boy Wednesday, May 11th, 2011 08:22 AM

Pets on US Air Update
Here is the first post......
I found this on "FlyerTalk" Forums.
I was advised that effective tomorrow (May 3) that US is changing its pet policy so that pet reservations will now all be handled at the airport. Presently, if you travel with a pet accompanying you in the cabin, you call US to determine if the flight has pet availability and if so, obtain a record locator for the pet. You then pay the pet fee at the airport prior to departure.

I was advised that the only difference between the old and new policy is that US will no longer make pet reservations over the phone - but that you can go to the airport and make the pet reservation.

I've written back to US asking them to clarify whether "going to the airport" to make the reservation from a timing standpoint means only on the day of travel or whether it means you can make the reservation by going to the airport in advance of the day of travel. Will post an update again when I hear back from US.

In one of my conversations, I was advised that the reason for this change was due to the number of pet "no-shows" for reservations that had been taken over the phone - and that the likelihood of not being able to get the pet onboard in the cabin was slim given that there is rarely a time that there are more than 6 pets on the plane (current limit for in-cabin pets). I don't think that addresses the issue if, for example you want to travel in First as the current 6 pet limit is 2 in first. Example: You pay for 2 FC tickets or get 2 FC award tickets - you have 2 small pets - and you get to the airport to make the pet reservation on day of travel only to find that someone else in first got to the airport with a pet and your pets are not allowed due to the 2 pet limit. Hard to advance plan in that case if you can't make the pet reservation in advance.

Latest update rec'd via email from US:
"The procedure for booking a pet only varies in the location that the pet reservation is made now, at the airport rather than by phone. The procedure at the airport on the day of departure has not changed."
Have gone back and asked US for one more clarification that the trip to the airport to make the reservation can be done well in advance of the trip rather than on the date of departure...

Still waiting.....

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