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Old Thursday, April 14th, 2011, 12:28 PM
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Default Praise is sometimes needed

Every once in a while, praise is really needed. In the past weeks, I have seen some interaction between local businesses and our valued tourists that I can assure you was above and beyond the call for normal duty. If this falls in as advertisement - feel free to erase, I don't think it does except it says something about Aruba.

An elderly lady was dropped off by a taxi to do some shopping at Ling and Sons. Her walking was obviously painful to her but she was spry and wearing all of her tourists regalia of Aruba pins, baseball cap etc. I was in line at the ATM machine as she walked in and saw something special. One of the fruit girls (I guess that is what you call the ladies that care for that department) noticed her and immediately got her a motorized shopping wheel-chair-cart and brought it to her in the nicest manner. The girl said to her "come with me - I will help you" the two of them did quite a bit of shopping and ended up with the same "Fruit girl" taking her to a taxi and REFUSING a tip. My admiration goes to the lady for remaining active and the fruit girl for doing something very special.

As you all know by my signature, i am in a service business. The economy being what it is, I have a staff of ONE - me. So I get to meet all of my customers personally. As I waited at a hotel for a client to come in, I was informed that they would be very late due to flight delays so I went home and looked at the reservation and found that they would be using SMART RENTALS. At about 10pm I went to the rental office to see what the status was and found the reception area full of tourists getting their cars. No big deal right? Wrong. The staff had made sure that there was coffee for everyone and that the kids had juice and a trinket to keep them busy. Luggage was handled seamlessly and from a corner, one of the tourists (Canadian and my customer) said "Nice to be back home" As if in church the entire group chimed in with "AMEN". Smart is sometimes as simple as kindness. I have experienced other very positive experiences with them.

I went to get prices on the I-PADS for my son's birthday. While looking at one (damned things are expensive) A father and son were looking at one as well and the kid was maybe 8 years old and both were dressed in bathing suits, a t-shirt and flip-flops. After a while the person helping them went to the boy (not the father) and asked him what he wanted for his next present? the kid said he wanted a (something-or-other) station. The clerk took him to the station and asked if this is the one. Bright eyed the kid says yes. the clerk then brings him back to his father and says " this I-POD is expensive so why don't you get this smaller version and let your daddy save for next year. The kid nods, the father is in awe and I am flabbergasted. Since it was out of my price range as well, I just kept on looking and then, the Dad goes to pay and whips out one of those black AMEX cards with enough credit on it to make a loan to a small country. Manny, your staff has class, Dad, you are one lucky man and kid, god bless your innocence. Same thing here again, Dad goes to leave a tip and the clerk does not accept.

I was sufficiently impressed to have hooked up with one of the above business wise. Is this advertising? NO. I just want everyone to understand that this is one heck of a great place to come and shop and be served and that because one Jeweler is a scam artist, it should not taint us all,

be well
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Old Thursday, April 14th, 2011, 10:35 PM
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I Love Aruba Re: Praise is sometimes needed

"Warm" stories, Charles... and, each of them shows " kind hearts."

Whenever the question comes up of what we, as visitors love most about Aruba, and why we continue to go back year after year, without a doubt, our first love is always the Aruban people. I bet each of us can relate a personal story about a kindess they've been shown. Over the years, I've lost track, but I can tell you that it's happened to me many, many, many times!

Like anywhere on the planet.. some things are broke that need to be fixed, but I have great confidence that in time, and with experience, Aruba can, and will get better and better.

Having grown up in a small town a couple hours away from where I now live... the joke is that you know you're in Scranton when you pay your toll on the turkpike, and the toll taker says... "hello, how are you," and "thank you" instead of acting like he/she's doing you a favor by taking your money and then throwing your change back at you without so much as a thank you!

Thanks for this post Charles... and thanks to Mi Dushi Aruba for being paradise to so many of us. "She's the sweetest island I know, and you ain't too bad either!! lol
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Old Wednesday, April 20th, 2011, 10:56 AM
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Default Re: Praise is sometimes needed

Charles: Once again, you have 'hit the nail on the head'! The Aruban people, to my mind, are among the most wonderful people on the earth!! Outgoing, smiling, accommodating...not like some of the inhabitants of other countries which shall remain nameless! We have had quite a number of experiences where an Aruban has gone out of his or her way to be of assistance to us. When we tell friends about the experiences, they are usually incredulous because of similar experiences they've had in other vacation venues and where they were not treated nicely at all. That's the main reason we are heading back to "One Happy Island" next month for the 16th year in a row!

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