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Old Friday, August 5th, 2011, 05:35 PM
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Default Smart time to rent

I was asked so I will post it. If this is taken off, I harbor no hard feelings.

There are quite a few cell phone rental companies on the Island. We are all more or less the same and each rental customer has their choice - something to be respected. I was asked if this time of year rentals drop and why. This is my answer and I feel that the other companies would agree.

during this time of year, it normally focuses on families and visitors that are more prudent with their discretionary funds. For that reason, the cell rentals tend to go up a little and not down. the simple comparison of whatever you are paying for roaming (international plan or anything else included) and .24 a minute is pretty much a no brainer and very attractive to those looking to move their spending monies towards other things- yet are in need to be in touch.

Some folks buy phones and bring them down to use with a local SIM card. Good idea but make sure you have it unblocked or unlocked. Other folks use computers to stay in touch - also great idea. No matter how you stay in touch, the principal thing is to do so only when it is needed.

MY SUGGESTION: If you rent a cell phone from your preferred rental company, make sure that you have your number to give out BEFORE you leave so that they can get in touch with you and then ...... don't use the bloody cell phone unless there is an emergency. It makes no sense to ruin a $2,000 vacation just because you have a great rate of .24. It doesn't equate. I also recommend that you set up communication times such as "We will be available in the mornings between XXX and XXX and in the afternoons between XXX and XXX. All other times (children parents, neighbors, work and others) I am on vacation on the island of Aruba in the Caribbean and BUG OFF while I tan and try to forget what awaits me back home.

That - is my take on it.

be well
FAST PHONE ARUBA - A cell phone rental company
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Old Saturday, August 6th, 2011, 03:38 PM
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Default Re: Smart time to rent


I'm laughing as I read your post because you are waaayy to liberal with your vacation time. When I'm on vacation (regardless of where), I always tell myself I'm gonna check my voice mail once a day but many days I just say "screw it" (oops! am I allowed to say that on the board?). Never had a problem with any clients.

We live in NJ and went to Tahoe for a week in July and Michigan for a week in August. Checked my voice mail a total of about 5 times during those 2 weeks, and both trips were within the US!!

We took your advice and got an Aruban SIM card for our global phone when we were there with the intention of using it if our son at home needed something. The plan was for him to call me on my regular cell, I would see it's him and call him back on the global phone. No catastrophes at home, so I used it once to check voice mail at the office.
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