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DJSTEVEZ Monday, October 19th, 2020 05:50 PM

Stay away from aruba!
I am sitting in my timeshare in Aruba basically on house arrest, waiting for the civil servants at the airport to email me my negative COVID19 test results. but how much faith do I have in them? I mean let's be honest, most of them would still be shoveling ostrich sh!t if it wasn't for the tourists.

I got a rapid test yesterday before I left (it was negative). When I got to Aruba they forced me to take another test because they didn't like the specific type of test that I took (where the fuk is the science in that?). AND I had to pay for it!!! They want documentation of a negative COVID19 test results that is LESS than 72 hours old. There is virtually no way in the greater NYC area to get that test, with results, in less than 72 hours. They absolutely let in people with that test whose result were greater than 72 hours, I saw it (WTF?).

This is absolutely unacceptable. My timeshare, LaCabana won't give me the keys to my room or a bracelet (LaCabana has actually been very decent & helpful through the whole thing). Again, basically I am on house arrest. This is complete BULLSHIT! Again, where's the science that one test is significantly better than another? I will NOT return to Aruba until COVID is over and I strongly urge you not to either. I may not return even after COVID is over. Had I known I was going to be treated with such incredible disrespect, I would've stayed home. I will spend the absolute minimum while I'm here. The Govt here feels they can abuse tourist, yeah, sorry, I'm not rewarding that sh!t. Trust me on this, STAY AWAY!

qlaval Monday, May 2nd, 2022 09:57 PM

Re: Stay away from aruba!

Originally Posted by DJSTEVEZ (Post 116710)
.... most of them would still be shoveling ostrich sh!t if it wasn't for the tourists....

What an obnoxious person you are, obviously you wont be miss by many in Aruba... If only you had READ the health requirements you could have swept true the customs like everybody else...

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