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Charles' Stories Stories by Charles Croes, true Aruban :)

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Old Sunday, January 30th, 2011, 08:39 PM
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Default On Aruba, Toes Respond

People show so much by their simple actions. Inflections and little movements tell it all really. Our bodies are our "Give-aways" Of this I am sure.

Junior and I were at the WESTIN this morning having Sunday Brunch and he was trying to figure out how the rotating bread toaster worked. He was squinting into the slots where the bread goes and putting in way too many pieces of bread to watch them go through and then meekly offering them to the ladies that were standing and watching (tolerating) him. As long as it didn't cause a problem, and it didn't seem to, I sat back enjoying this stage of his discovery. Soon he will be a Know-it-all and that will be a shame, but it will be normal.

There was one lady that came to the toaster and saw him and then asked him to put in a bagel. Before giving it to him, she made sure he saw that she had put the bagel into a "bagel-cutter" and only when is was sliced did she hand it to him. Brilliant!! - his focus moved over to the bagel-cutter. A while later he came back to the table and asked me if the 'cutting-thing- was made in France. I asked why and he came over to me and put his face about an inch (at best) from mine and said that France is where they cut off 'queensuses' heads. It took a while to explain my way out of all that.

The lady that had turned him on to the bagel-cutter" tuned out to be sitting very close to us along with her husband and she overheard and chuckled softly. As we ate (a lot of bread) and the rest of what he had ordered, I noticed that the lady and her husband had their toes touching each other. Nice I thought.

The husband had a series of maps on the table and was talking softly about the restaurants they had been to last year and which ones they would go to this year. Sharing - REALLY Nice I thought.

And as they talked something hit me, he or she would ask a question or make a suggestion and the other side did not answer. It was so odd because they seemed to be close and intimate in everything else else. Then Junior saw something and he said to me:
Papi - Mira nan dede di pia" "Dad - look at their toes" I lookded down trying to not be conspicuous and was amazed. They seemed to have developed some sort of a language that was carried out between them with their toes. Nothing intricate but it worked to the point that they didn't need to do too much talking. There were two basic words: YES, (the affirmative or I agree) was a pressing of the big toe. NO was the same pressing but of the little toe. I was fascinated. Junior then did the thing that all kids do and should be Court Marshalled for. He leaned over and asked them why they did this with their toes.

At about the same time the husband asked if I was the guy that wrote stuff on the bulletin boards and so it started.

They went on to explain that they had known each other since preteens and then separated to go to school and joined back up and got married. No kids but three dogs and a mess of cats. They live in a Northern State of America and Had been to Aruba twenty consecutive years, always staying at the same hotel. We talked for a very nice while and then Junior re-surfaced the topic of the toes. they explained the No and Yes parts and then told Junior that there were other things too but they were "Big People" Signals and that he would have to wait and develop his own signals some day.
After a lovely conversation, they got up and said good bye and walked out and into the pool deck area.. It was drizzling but they continued on to the beach. The "toe-couple" went around the corner and disappeared into Aruba.

Junior wanted to look at the fine collection of large parrots at the pool deck area so we went. After looking at the birds we went over to the restaurant that is by the beach. There they were. Lying in the wet sand - face up, both is a spread-eagle posture with the inside little fingers hooked into each other and their toes touching. It was drizzling and they were bathing in what our island had to offer at that moment. It dawned on me that they weren't vacationing on Aruba as much as they were vacationing with each other. Subtle but profound difference.

I looked. Without manners or respect for the moment - I just looked. After a few minutes, I called out the mans name and he said "What!" I never had a chance to say anything, Then he laughed and said. Charles - Yeah it's ok but no names and no pics. Fair?

His wife smiled and pushed on his big toe.

Yeah - fair.

I laughed and started to walk away and his wife said, "Hey Junior". Junior turned around. She said "Be well" He said OK and I said "Thank you".

People show so much by their simple actions. Inflections and little movements tell it all really. Our bodies are our "Give-aways" Of this I am sure.

be well
Lie on wet sands and kiss the rain and be well
Let your toes say I love you in a manner more profound than words
This Island is your cradle - It is where you are free to be
Lie in the wet sand and kiss the rain
It is a good thing to do and -- children are watching.

be ever so well
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Old Monday, January 31st, 2011, 09:27 PM
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Default Re: On Aruba, Toes Respond

Charles.....loved this story. So heartwarming. Thanks for sharing it with us....and thanks to the couple that let you put their story on our forum. We appreciate it....
Only happy people allowed!

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