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LynnS Monday, December 4th, 2006 12:28 PM

email I just received
I sent Debbie an email and just received this response-

Goodmorning Mrs.....
"Construction is going swiftly and we hope to reopen in the late summer of 2007(hopefullu July). Decision on the timeshare units have not changed, so changes will be made to these rooms. (see my comment below)
Information letters will be mailed to timeshare members in February or March 2007.
I have also heard that the web site is taking reservations for the month of July 2007"


In my email I mentioned that I was previously told that the units would NOT be redone- thus her reference to the decision on the timeshare units has not changed- since this is word for word her response I am assuming she meant " so changes will not be made to these rooms"

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