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Old Monday, December 25th, 2006, 03:06 AM
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Question Future Impact

In the other Aruba forum (that shall go nameless *cough*), I replied to a portion of something that Greg Wallace said:

A lot of people think the mega-suites have caused the problem, but actually they had nothing to do with the Maintenance Fee increase.

Perhaps not yet anyway. With what appears to be some miss-management and underhanded methods in the mix, I wonder how that will play into the sales of $2.5m luxury suites (+ $90K maintenance)? I suppose they can always come down off their high horse and sell the units on a per week basis. Even should they do that, the present happenings sure can't be welcome information to the would-be marketplace. Maintenance fees were scheduled at ~$1.7K per week, and the happenings can only cast a cloudy sky over what might happen to those advertised maintenance fees in the future. Further, those units will have to start generating revenue at some point, and any deficit of sales (based on projections), and the accompanying maintenance fees, has to be made up somewhere. Any worries that current owners will end up footing the bill for any potential shortcomings? Or, perhaps the luxury units will sell like hot cakes no matter the current state of affairs?

Disclaimer: I'm not a Costa Linda owner, but the discussion is relevant to me. Not too long ago I came within an eye-lash of buying two weeks. Yes, I will most likely still consider a purchase, but at present my current train of thought is to see how you owners deal with matters at hand. While the ship doesn't appear to be sinking by any means, it has encountered somewhat turmultuous waters.

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Old Monday, December 25th, 2006, 11:45 AM
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Default Re: Future Impact

Gene, have no fear, the issues at Costa Linda will be corrected. One of the many great things about owning at Costa Linda is that you are a member of the Cooperative Assocation. The Cooperative Assocation elects the Board that runs the resort. If they aren't doing a good job, we vote them out and replace them with people who will do what we want/need.

The good news is that we have 3 Board members who are very strong, and were against what happened. They are capabable of leading us back to where we were a year ago (which was in great shape).

If the current Board doesn't reply to our requests, our voices will be heard in 6 months. That's when the next Annual Meeting will be held. At that time we will vote out the 3 Board members up for re-election, who all supported what happened. By doing that we will effectively gain control of the Board, as we'll have 6 people on the Board that will act in our best interests, so we'll have the majority we need.

We already have a huge network supporting this. We've gathered supporters at Costa Linda each week, and will continue to gather support on site. In addition, we're letting people know what is happening via these bulletin boards, which is how we have picked up additional support. Also, all of us have been networking on our own by e-mailing all of the owners we know, and they in turn pass the information on to other owners they know, and so on.

Costa Linda is a great place to own, and I would never dream of selling. If anything I'd pick up additional weeks if I were able to use them.

What I really like about Costa Linda is that the owners do control the resort. We don't have to sit there and "take it" from a large corporation like Marriott, Divi, Riu, Occidental, or the soon to be Westin timeshares.

We will soon fix our problems and will once again be the best timeshare in Aruba!

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