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Old Wednesday, January 24th, 2007, 04:41 PM
Alan Carlin Alan Carlin is offline
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Thumbs down Greg Wallace makes False Accusations

Members of Costa Linda should be made aware of the new round of False accusations by Greg Wallace to cover himself! Can we trust him?

Greg –

Now that you have been exposed, you finally were forced to admit that you, under the phony name “Gary Sundance”, wrote the Threat Letter, published on the visitaruba website, and which listed all my personal address,etc. and dates we would be in Aruba, suggesting anyone should consider robbing my home as it would be an easy target!
The Moderator, Sherry, partially blocked some of your letter, calling it “stupid”. You apologized(?) but warned that you would still send the entire, unedited threat letter to key people you know!

So, now that you have been “outed”, you are immaturely trying to excuse(?) yourself by making up more blatant lies as follows:

You claim you sent no unedited versions of your Threat Letter. Well, you emailed me that unedited letter to frighten me and my family! And the “key people” (Carol Bengis and Linda Rapaport) were on your “other recipients” header of your email to me. Did you fake that too? And did you notify Carol and Linda about that? I SAVED your email as proof! Very strange that we haven’t heard from them about this!

You claim that I am involved with Barbara and Steve Berger and, therefore, threatening you! You have NO legitimate reason and certainly NO proof for this false accusation! Here is the truth:

I, Alan Carlin, and my family, have NEVER known, met, seen, been introduced to, spoken with, written to or communicated with, in any possible way, either Barbara Berger or Steven Berger. (Other than being aware, like any other Members, that Mr. Berger is on the Costa Linda Board).

I have had no former knowledge of, or participation in, your ever receiving a “threat letter” from anybody – only of you sending me one!

If you really want to help Costa Linda, stop acting like a child and untie yourself from Cy Holley’s puppet strings. Stand up like a man and accurately acknowledge that Cy Holley’s years of self-serving, hidden agenda to stop needed increases to our maintenance fee is the actual cause of our financial woes. The Members, including you, Greg, Carol and Linda, should carefully and thoroughly read Judge Schepps’ letter dated Jan 18, 2007 pages 2 -5 in the bb.visitaruba BB.

Cy Holley’s total disdain for respecting and adhering to Aruban laws has caused our current Board (including Cy) to be illegal.
I don’t understand how you, Carol, Linda and the rest of your group are so blind to Cy’s devious leadership – and why you continue to “front” for him!

The only thing I agree on is the blackout on the Costa Linda Members Forum, but I think the reason for that is the concern for more “dirty tricks” such as flooding the Costa Linda Members Forum with all your posts to try to discredit the other six Board Members to get Cy back in control!

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the Members (including those who have decided to Revoke their signing your Petition) who have expressed to me, directly by gmail, their dismay about your unacceptable behavior and their concern for my family undergoing unnecessary stress!
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Old Wednesday, January 24th, 2007, 10:01 PM
leftyjy's Avatar
leftyjy leftyjy is offline
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Default Re: Greg Wallace makes False Accusations

This is getting sickening! Trouble is that I find myself reading this drivel.
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Old Wednesday, January 24th, 2007, 11:50 PM
Linda R Linda R is offline
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Join Date: January 2nd, 2007
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Default Re: Greg Wallace makes False Accusations


Carol Bengis and I have already said right here on this bb, for the record, that we never received any communication about you or anything else from" Gary Sundance". A wise friend recently told me that there is no defense needed for honesty.

As for what Greg did, I have already stated categorically --- even before I knew who Gary Sundance was -- that trying to publish your personal information is very wrong. Greg's explanation was a bombshell and an eyeopener. Surely you must be aware that most people who have had the benefit of reading Greg's explanation are equally, if not more disturbed by the behavior and actions of Mrs. Berger and her husband, who is Costa Linda's Finance Committee Chairman. Greg has already acknowledged on a public bb that he has disappointed people and knows he should not have sunk to the level of the Mrs. Berger, whose anonymous, unsettling and truly threatening string of e-mails to him has given just about everyone who has read them the creeps. To my knowledge, neither the Bergers or Mr. Schepps have ever made any response at all to this shameful revelation.

I have to say, Alan -- after reading your rants about Cy Holley, a man who still enjoys enormous and well-deserved respect despite the mud you, the Bergers and Schepps keep slinging at him -- and comparing them to Mrs. Berger's attacks on Cy, it does seem, at the very least, that you have a lot in common with them. If you say you don't know the Bergers, I will give you the courtesy of taking you at your word, a courtesy I would hope you would extend to me.

Please, please stop insulting the intelligence of Costa Linda members by suggesting that the people who want a change of leadership at Costa Linda are blind followers or puppets. It is patently absurd to believe that hundreds of people would support such a strong measure as removal of board members on the say so of one person and without obvious and just cause.

Finally, you would do a lot for your own credibility if you would stop attacking people and at least acknowledge on this public bb that Mrs. Berger's actions are inexcusable -- as is the silence of her husband and board chairman Schepps about her behavior.

In case you or other readers missed Mrs. Berger's(AKA TENNISBUM16) e-mails to Greg, I have cut and pasted them below from another thread on this bb..

Subject: Re: Costa Linda BB --- Censored Posts of Cy Holley
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2006 01:02:07 EST

my email was not forwarded by a member! you stole it!
you dont even know the facts about what that petition is all about.
MR. HOLLEY is in this all for himself.
I call him MR. because he is no DR.
he is just one big sore loser since he did not get his own way.
costa linda is run for all the members even those who have only one week.
why would he ever want an increase in maintenence when he owns 51+ weeks.
also, why is he selling his 51 weeks and has already sold 3 other weeks that i know of?
sour grapes and bye bye holley. we will get along fine without you.


Subject: Re: Costa Linda BB --- Censored Posts of Cy Holley
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2007 14:20:01 EST

so, mr. wallace, tell me who gave you my name?
i have a right to know!
i am contacting someone i know in your state and they will get to you.
you have illegally stole my email as well as a friend and cousins also.
dont play dumb! you know what you did. i have a computer nerd friend also.
he told me just what you did. i am sure that the agency i will contact will get to the bottom of this illegal manipulation and the stealing of private email addresses. dont think being in aruba will get you out of this. not so!
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