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dwippies Tuesday, July 1st, 2008 03:58 PM

albums-how to and the rules
the albums feature was added today. no longer will people have to go thru kodak gallery or any other website to post albums. we have very few rules other than the obvious.

1. please no 'X' rated pics
2. please no 'X' rated titles

it is easy to set up an album by following the on screen explanation but here it is as briefly as possible.

How to create an album
  • click on ‘all albums’
  • click on ‘add album’
  • give album a title and description
  • decide if you want it open to all who can access the board or only to a specific few
  • click on ‘upload pictures’
  • you may find your picture is too big to fit. at that point, it is up to you to shrink them. although the site states 600x600, the largest i tested with was 1280x960 and it fit.
bear with me if i have something out of sync since this board was in test mode before and i am not sure if anything has changed in the upgraded mode.

if you have problems with albums, please post them so we can help each other.

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