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Rules & Regulations New to the forum. This is the place to learn.

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Old Thursday, August 12th, 2010, 09:04 AM
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Default Board Etiquette-PG13 and Other Stuff

1. We never tolerate personal attacks. A personal attack is being rude to another member. You might not like what someone else says, but all of you are entitled to your opinions so use some tact when you post. We never disrespect each other. Disagreement is not disrespect. However, if it gets personal, you will be warned.

2. No obscenities, not even in joke threads. Most will be bleeped by our censor program but as most of us know, there are ways around that. Minor curse words are tolerated but remember that this is a PG13 board because we often get younger lurkers.

3. No offending people because of race, religion or ***ual orientation. We have all flavors of humans on this board and each flavor has the right to post without being offended. If you do not like something about someone, ignore their posts or threads. Itís just like turning the channel on your TV.

4. If you wish to advertise anything, you must contact caribmedia via this board. you may add your link under your signature. if you do that, you must be a contributing member. that means that you post to help other members. remember, if you aren't posting, your signature isn't seen.
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