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classiclincoln Thursday, February 20th, 2020 07:25 PM

Check your Credit Card at Sole Bar at the Ren
Stopped in at Sole Bar (pool bar) on Saturday to meet up with some friends for drinks. Hadn't been there for a long time since we sold our timeshare. Table service was typical and we recognized our our server, Liliana from previous visits. We got our bill and saw they added the typical 15% service charge, but since Liliana was a long time employee and friendly, we gave her an additional $1.00, which brought our bill to $32.39. Thought that was the end of it until I noticed on my credit card statement a charge for $41.39!! Someone, not sure if it was the bar tender, cashier or Liliana, changed the $1.00 tip to a $10.00 tip! Luckily I check my receipts so it wasn't a problem on my end and I did contact Marriott corporate to let them know what happened. We stay on the island for 3 months each winter and will NEVER go back to Sole for any reason. If you go, keep your receipt and check it!!

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