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Old Wednesday, June 1st, 2005, 05:06 PM
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Default Travel Safety Tips

Travel Safety Tips

Today I got some requests to post a sticky thread about safety on Aruba. I am going to also make this a locked thread because I want no conversations added to take away from the importance of this post. I will take suggestions at any time so just send me a personal message. At any point I can edit what I post and add anything relevant. Sorry if I repeat myself. It is a habit with the elderly.

The thing to remember is that although Aruba is one of the very safe places on earth which is why most of us love it, it isnít crime free. The island has been working very hard to get rid of the illegals. It is a difficult job since it is an island. You know what we have in our country at our borders so you can imagine what a problem it would be if all of our property was surrounded by ocean. Illegals are responsible for a majority of the crimes but obviously not all of them. The court system is similar to ours and penalties are in most cases as severe or more so than those in the USA. The jail has a great view but no air conditioning so you do not really want to break any laws. Also, tourists are just as guilty of crimes such as theft as anyone else. Many tourists come in on cruise boats and leave with a lot more than they started with.

So let me start the list with the most important warning to tourists. This is the one that involves your own behavior. Then I will go on to all of the safety items. Then a special set of rules for parents and teens.

1. Always remember that if you break the law and get caught you donít have immunity. You will spend a lot of time in jail waiting for the court case. They arenít going to be lenient just because you are a tourist. Ignorance of the law is no excuse in Aruba either. Therefore, donít do anything in Aruba that is illegal at home. Drugs are illegal. Donít do them. You have just as much chance of dealing with an undercover cop as you do a real dealer. You are a guest in their country and as a guest you need to respect their laws.

2. Remember that nowhere is perfect. Crime happens. Crime happens to nice people. Always pretend you are in your home town. Follow the rules you would use there.

3. Your room or hotel desk has a safe that is at your disposal. Put everything you can in it. Do not leave your camera out. Do not leave your jewelry out. Remember, you used or wore these things already. A thief has already seen these items. A thief is already lurking somewhere to take them if you allow him to. Lock that safe! Take the key with you. Do not leave the key Ďhiddení in the room. That ingenious hiding place is the first place a good thief will look. Most keys do not have a key ring. Buy one of those stretchy bracelets or a metal chain so that the key can be on your person no matter where you are.

4. Do not leave your camera, wallet or any other valuable in your beach bag. If you canít take it in the water or canít bear losing it, leave it in your room or after you use it take it back to your room.

5. Do not flash your money around in the casino. Wait until you are in your room to count your wins or losses. Keep only the money you want to spend in an easy to reach place.

6. Lock your car and leave nothing where anyone can see it. Jeeps are prime targets. They have no hiding places. Take nothing of value with you when you drive.

7. Many tourists come in on cruise ships and leave several hours later with very full pockets. These pockets are full of wallets, cameras, and everything else that you left unlocked or exposed.

Rules for parents

1. The world is not safe. Remember that.

2. Teens are gullible.

3. Teens will do things when parents arenít there that they would be scared to death to do at home.

4. Donít think that because there is a chaperone your child is safe. Have you ever tried to watch a dozen teens?

5. Donít let your teen go out alone. Give instructions to all who are going together to keep track of each other. You might want to bring walkie talkies or rent cell phones so they are always able to contact you or each other.

6. Teens do even more foolish things after a drink or two. They donít have to be falling down drunk to lose their inhibitions. Set limits and keep to them. Just because it is legal to drink doesnít mean that it is necessary to drink.

7. Keep certain places off limits. Although 18 is the legal age to drink in Aruba, the rule is very lax as it is in many countries. Keep places off limits that you donít want your kids going to. Carlos and Charlieís is one of them. Kids do stupid things. Keep repeating that as a chant.

8. If your teens are going to Aruba without you, insist that they stay in the high rise area. Although I love the low rise area and it is great, it is open, spacious, and rather boring for teens. In the high rise area there are things to do and places to go that give them some place a little safer to be.

9. Very simple rule. If you donít trust your teen or their friends at home, donít trust them in aruba.

Rules for teens

1. You are not invincible. You can get hurt, raped, or even very permanently dead.

2. If you are looking forward to scoring some pot or ludes or anything else, donít. they are just as illegal in Aruba as in the good old USA. Undercover cops love to sell these things and put cuffs on you. Jail stinks anywhere.

3. Strangers are not your friends. They may become your friends sooner or later but they are not automatically your friends because they are cute or cool. They will give you the same lines you hear at home. Donít believe them just because they are foreign.

4. Donít travel alone. Always have at least one person with you. There is safety in numbers. Let someone know where you will be at all times.

5. Remember that what you do will always get back to your parents. You know it will. It always does.

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