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89checkmate22 Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 11:08 AM

What has happened to the Mill??
We have stayed at the Mill for the past 10 years and even purchased a timeshare there 9 years ago. Back then it was the friendliest, most enjoyable place we had ever visited. The past two years our vacations have been less than acceptable because the Mill has changed to a far less friendly place with no entertainment or activities. But worse than that, this year we had to move rooms 3 times because of cockroaches and are still on antibiotics from allergic reactions to the disgusting black mold in the bathrooms. Although Ms. **** was apologetic when we sat down with her and presented her with the ziplock containing the 4 cockroaches, the vacation was already ruined for the second year in a row. Mr. **** had already offered to buy out our timeshare prior to this year's vacation, and after we returned I emailed him asking for his offer, which was so ridiculously low as to be insulting. The Mill will resemble the Bushiri within a couple of years if they keep going the way they are presently. Too bad, it used to be a great place, but with managers and owners who should not be in the hospitality business, it is doomed.
Don't be fooled by the low prices of the rooms, you'll pay the difference in medical and prescription costs.

BeachBunny Saturday, August 7th, 2010 06:37 PM

Re: What has happened to the Mill??
Wow, how sad that you've had such terrible experiences. I'm really sorry to hear about that. There is nothing worse than waiting all year to go on vacation only to have it turn out like that. You should consider calling the health department over that mold issue. Maybe some hefty fines would get them to clean up their act.

fromspain Tuesday, March 8th, 2011 12:52 PM

Re: What has happened to the Mill??
We stayed last August there and though we didn't have any health problems, we changed room once because of a extremely ridiculous situation with the aircondition. I still laugh a bit when I remember the whole thing.
The 1st night we were given a room that seemed like it was going to snow at any moment, it was so cold we could not believe it. "Someone left the airco to the maximum level by mistake" we thought ,so we lowered it and went to bed. When we woke up the whole room as damped with water and it seemed like it was raining becasue of all the drops falling from the ceiling. We asked for another room as it was impossible to continue staying there and to our susprise they gave us another freezing room that it felt as if it was below zero . I said that was outrageous, that we didn't come all the way from Europe to the Caribbean to get cold, specially with a 3-year-old baby. Now, can you believe what they replied? "We have a problem with the airco controller and the room must be kept at this temperature or you must turn the airco off completely, we can provide you with extra blankets if you wish and even a small coat for the baby. Please be aware that if you lower the temperature as you did in the previous room , water condensation will occur and we will have to charge you for that" WTF!!!!????? I was sooooo shocked and amazed that at 1st all I could do was laugh my heart out and after that I went directly to look for the manager and "shared" my opinion about the hotel and service.
Fortunately that didn't ruin our stay in Aruba because other pleasant experiences made us forget it, yet we still can't believe that someone have the nerve to tell you to put on a coat to your baby because you're forced to sleep inside a refrigerator with the shape of a hotel in the Caribbean in August and on top , paying for it!!!!!!

It is just amazing! I would not recommend that hotel to anyone, well, if you come from Siberia maybe you'll find it cozy and warm, who knows :thinking2

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