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Old Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010, 11:35 AM
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Default Las Vegas- Looong Report

Trip report for Las Vegas… 10/08- 10/12 (Long Report)
My FEEEEEETT!!! ...and I did take comfy shoes..
We had a great time.. I didn't win, well I did and didn't.. because I don't play MAX BET I lost 2 great chances of winning the max prize.. which was a couple of hundred dollars.. One time I did hit 7 7 7 and luckily did max bet there, so I got $60 out..

We woke up normal time as we do for work, and were ready at 6.30am for Monica to pick us up. Traffic was heavier than normal, so we got to the airport around 7.15am..we had our boarding passes already and dropped our luggage at the curbside with no line..

Our flight in was perfectly on time, left Atlanta at 8.30am and landed in Vegas at 9.30am.. we had a nice 767 with our own touch tone screens!!! OMG!! That was addicting and I loved it.. Didn’t have it on our trip back though.. L

Mandalay Bay was awesome. BIG really BIG.. We got to the hotel around 10am, and check in was at 3pm! But they went ahead and checked us in right away and we got upgraded to the a room above ours.. almost the same as what we paid for, just a little larger… The room was very nice, huge plasma, and one in bathroom.. we had the pool view, which was nice, since we had no other hotel next to us…really nice pool.. Weather was nice on Wed and Thu…. It was 57F and COLDER on Fri-Sat and Sun, so we missed out on the pool on those days! That was somewhat upsetting.. I took some tinted swimming goggles on the trip, at first Marc laughed at me, but with no sunglasses it was awesome…we got to swim underwater since we wear contact lenses.. I forgot to take some cheap sunglasses so this worked out great! I will love these for Aruba also…

The monorail SUCKED.. you pretty much walk to the end of MGM, or whatever hotel, and I swear it's like 1/2 mile to and from.. to sometimes you might as well walk wherever you’re going...Mandalay has a tram to Excalibur, so after making that mistake first day we used it a LOT!! It was free also.. The monorail is $5 per trip or $12 for 24 hours.. but the walk is just awful.. ;-)

First day we walked to Paris to have lunch at Mon Ami Gabi. Awesome steak sandwiches and pomme frites I think it was around $42.. We walked around some, Marc would put in $5 in a machine and walk out with $20.. I put in $5 and it gobbled it down… We did the Eiffel Tower it was nice, and takes you up really high… Not worth the $10 pp, maybe $5 was sufficient.. It was a little scary going all the way up, and the whole time up Marc was analyzing the structure.. pointing out it wasn’t built like the one in Paris.. ;-)
We walked to Bellagio to get O tickets… but we ended up getting tickets for Ka at MGM (Cirque du Soleil) because O at Bellagio had really bad seats way up in the corner…

We went back to our hotel around 2pm and napped, then hit the pool, which was packed, but lots of fun…We were exhausted.. At night we went back out and did the Gondola's at Venetian, Marc was hesitant at first, but finally gave in.. afterwards we ate at an awesome place at Venetian, I think it was called Cannaletto.. Prices were not that bad either ($66.40 for Brushetta, Risotto with shrimp and crab/artochoke, and canneloni's stuffed with herbs and chicken, 2 drinks) …Best risotto I've ever had and an awesome Brushetta we were too stuffed to eat dessert.. Saw the fountain show at Bellagio right on time..we then headed to Pallazzo and waited for the Pirate Show at TI, but were not impressed and walked away after 10 minutes...headed back, always hit the casino on our way out or in, but Mandalay has been sucking our money more than giving, we were a lot luckier at other casino’s.

On Thursday we headed early to the pool… then came back, changed and headed out to the strip.. we had lunch at Mesa Grill (Bobby Flay's) on Thursday. Lunch was awesome! Of course $60 for lunch of course because it has Bobby Flay's name on it..but the food was great I had the Mesa Burger, Marc had the Cuban Burger, and we had Queso Fundido as appetizer YUMMY! We walked and walked, and tried several casino’s. We roamed around, then went back… we skipped on dinner here, we were still full from Mesa Grill and snacks! We went to MGM around 6.30pm to be seated for Ka! It was a great show.. but heard O was a lot better… we enjoyed it the show was about 1.5 hours…then we hit the casino then headed back to our hotel… We tried to order some fruit and drinks from Room Service but we couldn’t get through, so we went to bed.. luckily we were not hungry and we had picked up some snacks and water/soda at CVS...

On Friday we headed downstairs and got our rental! It was a 2009 Dodge Charger with 150 miles on it. Marc drove to the Dam. TomTom had problems finding a signal, but luckily we found a McDonald’s without GPS and ate breakfast.. when we found a signal, unfortunately HOOVER DAM was NOT on it!!!! We selected Boulder City, and with the printed directions I had for Hoover Dam we managed.. It was awesome.. The road to the dam was not scary at all.. they are doing lots of improvements and have a new road built to suit the new bridge going up. I think the bridge will compliment the dam nicely…
We just walked on top of the dam, all the way to the Arizona sign.. I think about 1.5-2 hours! We didn’t do the tour, we were satisfied with what we saw on the outside… especially being a Civil Engineer and seeing it all, and the overflow, and of course Marc was analyzing the structural part of just two nerds… we headed back out and stopped at a great pizza shop (Mark’s Rich’s or something like that) on our way to Red Rock Canyon, TomTom had IT so we drove to it with no problems… the pizza was awesome, and they made their own Ranch Sauce..yummm..
We headed to Red Rock Canyon.. we got out of the car once once, then realized how tired we were and that we were going to drive by the other “points”… It was already chilly, and cold air need for A/C! We drove around the road that was 13 miles… beautiful! Note that we did see parts of Grand Canyon on our way to Vegas.. it was gorgeous, and I took lots of pics…
We headed back, got gas, then dropped the car off.. we had the car until the next morning, but we figured car is in one piece and gas is full, so give it up now, Marc didn’t want to drive on the strip either…turned in the car around 4pm.. headed up, rested.. I had won a ticket to the Folies Bergere show, so we redeemed it and had to pay $37 for the second ticket.. we did that on Saturday.
Friday night we headed downstairs at Mandalay, and went to China Grill..very nice place, and we had a great meal… this was about $104 w/out alcohol, but a 3 course meal.. Great dumplings and Ceasar Salad, Skirt Steak with noodles and fried rice and awesome cheesecake potstickers for dessert. Pre-Fixe $39pp, very nice food.. and service…We were seated in a nice booth as well, and everything was so nicely decorated! Marc wanted Chinese, even though it was not close to what we know as Chinese… lol…Very yummy food..

Saturday we woke up to our anniversary! We exchanged cards, and of course I had already given him the Bulova Watch and a Humidor.. We headed downstairs to the Breakfast Buffet at Mandalay… YUMMY!! OMG! Anything you can imagine for breakfast… We were stuffed, and of course I over ate.. We headed out, then since it was so damn cold came back! We napped, watched tv, then headed back out.. got us some sweaters… YEP! SWEATERS!! It was more comfy then.. It was really THAT cold.. We explored Excalibur, and Luxor..and New York NY… we had a quick lunch at NY NY at Nathan’s Hotdogs.. I think cheapest lunch on the trip next to the McDonald’s breakfast..LOL.. we then headed back to get ready for our anniversary dinner, which was at MIX at The Hotel at 6.30pm..
Well, I miraculously put my heels on and my red dress.. and luckily we didn’t have to walk far at all to get to was on the 64th floor, nice elevator ride with an awesome breathtaking view…. The restaurant was lovely!! We were seated in a little cove type thing.. we had a nice soup as appetizer, they give out a nice assortment of bread…Marc had the truffle whatever else it had infused Filet that was on special ($75), and I had the curry/coconut lobster ($59), best we’ve ever had!!! Of course you pay for the view… for dessert Marc had the Candy Bar and I had the Guava Sorbet on top of tropical fruit.. as we were done with the dessert the server came and told us we had a surprise from the chef, he was sending us some madeleine’s compliments of him….It was yummy, and had Happy Anniversary written on the plate! Very nice touch! We walked out of there with a $242 bill.. I don’t think we ever paid that much for 2 people.. LOL.. but it was worth it.. everything was PERFECT!!! More than I asked for, service impeccable, food outstanding..view breath taking… if you ever go to Vegas you should try it. No wonder it was #1 in Vegas.
We stopped in the casino, and headed back to our room.. We changed then later headed to the Folies Bergere. We only stayed about an hour, the way the seats were was just too uncomfortable. It was long tables, and you had to turn to watch the stage.. then called it the night.

Sunday we woke up to cold weather again! I was upset since I wanted to head to the pool! Way too chilly.. Marc had a breakfast bar and since I am not big on breakfast I was ok to skip and have lunch. We packed.. then around 10.30am checked out through the TV… we were excited we didn’t have to stand in line.. We gave our bags to the bell staff and headed out. We WALKED all the way to Wynn. We wanted to have lunch at Hard Rock, and at the Wynn found out that they were off the strip… We just went to the Fashion Mall and had a wrap and fries at Great Wraps.. We explored the Wynn, OMG the stores they had there!! Some the same, and some more upscale than the Bellagio. Beautiful interior… We explored Treasure Island on our way back, and hit the tram to Mirage. Explored Ceasar’s Forum some, gorgeous place… then slowly headed back through Bellagio one more time, then we just walked. Of course my feet hurt the whole time. We were happy to see Excalibur where we would get the tram to Mandalay.

We got to Mandalay around 2pm, and then went downstairs to get our bags and a cab.. It was $12 to the airport, but for some reason we paid $16 TO Mandalay on Wed. (keep in mind the airport is RIGHT THERE)
We checked-in in a breeze, and walked up, of course at this time I could barely walk… so our pace slowed down…Our airplane arrived around 3pm, and we were on our way to Atlanta around 4.15pm. airplane was PACKED and we had some rude flight attendants! We bought the Enzo Pea salad, and I got the California Salad.. good taste, not worth $8 each..but conventient...At least we ate, since we knew we were arriving so late… Arrived in Atlanta around 10.45pm.. Monica was at the LIMO service stand to pick us up and pointing at the sign as we got out..LOL.. I asked here where our name sign was… ;-) Kitties were excited to see us..and followed us around until I kicked them out of our room to go to bed…Monica actually went by every day except yesterday to see them, so they were well fed, and ROUND! You can tell they’ve been eating all day!

All in all Vegas was a lot of fun, we saw most hotels..Mirage Volcano was closed until November.. I say Vegas is like an adult Disney.. Not sure if we’ll ever go back, maybe with kids once they are old enough to gamble.. lol.. Not really a place for small kids...We’ve seen a lot..we didn’t make it to Rio to see the Sky Parade.. it was off the strip, and I had no energy left in me.. we did a lot on my list, and hit some of those places on target.. some places were too $$ like the Titanic Exhibit was $30 pp, Madam Tusseaud also something like that.. we didn’t think it was worth it…The vendor’s trying to sell you something were very annoying and the worst at NY NY and Excalibur.. The vendor’s giving out card for call girls were very annoying too.. But again it was LOTs of FUN!! We had an awesome time, and a great memorable 5th anniversary dinner.. ;-)

Babymoon trip to West Coast- April 24-May 9
San Fran-Yosemite-Las Vegas-GC-UT NP's-Salt Lake City-Rapid City
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