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Beethoven and Stella Monday, March 15th, 2010 06:38 AM

Thank's to lizzardo for the information!
You tell me to come for a few months to look around ok!!!
But i think it's hard to have the much money to stay for a few month whit no working!!! So it's hard to find a job for stay there for a few month like in a hotel or a restaurant ???
And we need to do a permit for a temporary work or if we come like a tourist we can change our status when we are in the isle !!!
Because we are not the riches person to afford a few month by the isle like a tourist !!!!!
Maybe if we win a lottery !!!!!1
Im joking!!!!!!!
No seriously a really know exat what we have to do ,Aruba it will be our next 50 or more yaers of leaving in and build our future !!!!!
Friendly Manu and Max

lizzardo Monday, March 15th, 2010 12:52 PM

Re: Thank's
Well I would say it's money well spent to come to Aruba
and talk to people here. Phone and emails aren't the
best way to go here. It's on personal basis here.

It's better to come here and learn the facts than
just move here and find out afterwards that you
don't like it here, picked a bad location or a ton
of other variables.

I would also say that if you don't have enough money
to come here for say a month, you might not be in
the best position to open a business. Good cash flow
is very important!

Wishing the best for you. Keep us posted on what
happens! :)

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