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Old Saturday, January 16th, 2010, 09:44 AM
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Default Aruba starting an 'at risk' program for kids

I have given up on cutting and pasting google translate -
please if anyone knows how to do this - let me know:0

This is really great for the island:

[Citycity CITy - the government has appointed a commission which Navy shapings will realise and training route (MVO). The route is a citizen conscription for deprived unemployed young people. It is the intention that conscription already in august of this year is introduced.

Conscription must improve the position of the young people in the society and on the labour market. The Netherlands supports the project financially and organisationally. Young people which to school do not will and moreover not work, behave themselves frequently bad. They set up gangs or dovetail himself an existing group. With all negative impact of serve, thus prime minister that with the new formed commission has spoken Mike Eman (AVP). In this commission representatives of the foundation EPB, the royal Navy, the children sit and vice squad, Executive Board labour and the ministry of general matter. According to the premier exists there in the society sufficient basis for such a route.

THE MVO are modelled to example of the project future antillian militia (TAME). Young people between 18 and the 24 years which follows no study and no work have, are obliged their fulfil citizen conscription. These young people are all called and are inspected. Afterwards a selection is made of approximately 75 persons who will follow the MVO. It is the intention that each six-month period young people are called.
The route lasts twelve months and exists from a disciplinary part with military training, and a part in which the participant is prepared for the labour market. Companies cooperate in this second part by giving which work there is available for the young people. During fulfilling citizen conscription the young people stay in an accommodation of the marine barracks and fall under military tuchtrecht. That means that the young people under the same rules fall as soldiers and also in the same manner can be punished.
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Old Monday, February 15th, 2010, 12:22 PM
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Default Re: Aruba starting an 'at risk' program for kids

Hi Lizzardo:

I am a new member of the "Forum...Site."

My comment is that the Government in Aruba is trying to do the right thing by giving these youngsters constructive and creative things to do.

I also enjoy your postings and comments on another site...where I have another log-in name."


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