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Old Monday, October 24th, 2011, 03:02 PM
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Default The 2012 Maintenance fee

Marriott Aruba Ocean Club

1 bedroom Platinum

Almost the same...

2012: $1,069.92

2011: $1,049.57
2010: $1,089.40 (without the SA fee)
2009: $1,257.04 (without the SA fee)
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Old Thursday, March 8th, 2012, 08:56 PM
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Default Re: The 2012 Maintenance fee

Originally Posted by theredfox View Post
those prices are insane.
imagine owning 10 weeks and paying 10grand to use a place you already bought

I call it a Forced Sale !

They are all doing this it seems .... push the Maintenance Fee to the sky hoping that you the Time Share Owner will eventually get disgusted and simply not pay, which gives them the right to Foreclose.

Upon foreclosure they are happy to Re-Sell your unit, a unit which has already been bought and payed for, thereby multiplying their profit and putting another vacationer on the hook for Maintenance Fees ... obviously in hopes that the next owner provides them with the same opportunity to compound their profits.

I figure a Media Blitz and a Highly Publicized Boycott is about the only chance we timeshare owners stand.

Anybody know what ever happened to that ' One Happy Island ' we all once knew ..... happy to get there and hotter 'en hell when you get the bill ?

It could be worse my friend .... you could be one of the 650 who bought Paradise Beach Villas from bankruptcy, kicked in hard earned funds to keep it going .... and now have a Board of Directors basically waving us Shareholders a Center-Digit.

We all bought it .... then Re-Bought it .... and then pay yearly to visit what we paid double and are told our Stock is worthless .... what a concept !

I'm hoping the BoD all croak and are buried on the island .... so I have a place to visit for ' Natures Call '.
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