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Old Wednesday, November 9th, 2016, 10:18 AM
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Default Beautiful House in Arashi for Sale - cross the street and you're at at the beach!

Now is the time to buy a home in Aruba!!!
We have reduced the price and are open to reasonable offers.

This is a wonderful 5 bedroom / 5 bath house that can be divided into 2 units w/ 2 bed/bath and 1 unit bed/bath
The back yard offers complete privacy. They can not build in the back of the house because it is a nature sanctuary,
Lovely landscaping, shed for storage (rare in Aruba) and a detached garage with a deck on top so you can watch the
lovely sunsets and sea. Minutes away from the lighthouse if you are wondering where it is.

The renter is gone.

There are not many houses in Aruba where you are right at the beach and don't have to drive or take a long walk.
This is one of the best neighborhoods in Aruba. If you are looking for a great investment, Aruba does not have
much of an "off season" so weekly rentals on the house would be substantial. You would also have a house to
live in for vacations. This is a big house. Weekly rental prices (look around the area) are good and since it's
only weekly you don't have to worry about your tenants staying. They will all be from off the island so it's
great. With all the websites to advertise on, life would be pretty good. Some upgrades are needed but
not much. Plus it's a write off.

I am still dealing with my dad in hospice and the final stage of dementia. I have family and legal problems.
We were considering it but it's too big for us to handle if we move back and we can't handle what we
have to take on the task. Dad is basically not able to do anything. Only facial features. He has outlived
the first 6 week hospice timeline and is on the next 6 week hospice timeline. I am not sure if he is really
there or just doing automatic responses to stimuli. My health has gone down hill. I get something,
then get better and then WHAP I get something else. Right now my main issue is having constant
cornea irritations since I had eyelid surgery. I am very scared about it and had an unplanned procedure
last week. Hope this works!

Anyway, If you are considering buying a house in Aruba, I assure you that is has so many happy memories
in it and is a special place indeed. Many people came to see us when we were there for 5 years. Many
people helped our kitten rescue which is the best thing I have ever done in my life. I'm still doing it.

So take a look....message me if your interested.
House on LG SMITH BLVD 556 in Aruba
Aruba Kitten Rescue
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