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Where can I find information about hotels in Aruba?
You can find information about hotels in Aruba on the following pages:
Low-Rise Hotels and High-Rise Hotels.

The difference between the high-rise and low-rise hotels besides the location is that, as their name suggests, the high-rise hotels are multi-storey hotels whereas the low-rise ones rarely exceed two-storeys. The high-rise hotels tend to be more formal and the low-rise ones more congenial and 'cosy' perhaps. Both types can be found located on excellent stretches of beach.

Where can I see the location of hotels in Aruba?
You can find an aerial representation of the hotel locations on our Aruba Hotel Locator Map. If you would like to receive a map of Aruba by mail, you can call 1-800-TO-ARUBA and ask them to send you the material you need.

Where can I read comments made by people who have already stayed at the hotel I plan to stay at on my vacation?
There is a section on our website called Aruba Trip Reports that shows Aruba as seen by people who have visited our island. These people have taken the time to send in their reports especially so that others planning to come to Aruba can get a feel of the island through their experiences. The trip reports are categorized by resort so that you can read through the ones written by people who have stayed at the hotel you plan to stay at when you are in Aruba. Many of the reports are very comprehensive including detailed accounts of the writer's vacation experience - some also have pictures taken by visitors. We hope that you enjoy this section and look forward to hearing your experiences too!

I'm a student: where can I find more affordable accommodations?
Perhaps you might consider an apartment or guesthouse rather than a hotel. You can see a list of these on the following page:
The apartments in general are much cheaper than hotel rooms and it will be very difficult to get anything cheaper than these - especially in high season. Aruba's high season is between December 15th and April 14th and the low season is from April 15th to December 14th.
There are some publications and booklets that can be sent to you before your trip if you are interested. You can call 1-800-TO-ARUBA and ask them to send you the material you need.

Are there hotel rooms equipped for the physically challenged?
In general hotels have ground floor rooms with doors wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs. Most properties have wheelchairs and canes available.

For more information you can contact the Aruba Tourism Authority at Email: or call the toll free number in the USA 1-800-TO-ARUBA.

In addition, Red Sail Sports has a dive master who can instruct disabled visitors. The Queen Beatrix International Airport is also making adjustments to accommodate disabled visitors.

Can I find exclusive furnished houses for rent for short periods?
There are four highly recommended exclusive houses (all with swimming pool) that are rent by the week, which also include a car, maid service and round trip transportation from the airport. The prices are very reasonable in comparison with hotel rates.

For more information click here:

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