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The Negative Sentences
"No" always comes before the verb.

Subject ---- Verb

You are not coming, why? = Bo no ta bin, pakiko?
I am not sick = Mi no ta malo
I have no money = Mi no tin placa

Cases of double negatives:

Nothing, No - nada
I have nothing = Mi no tin nada I don't see anything on the table = Mi no ta mira nada riba mesa
He didn't give me anything = E no a dunami nada
I have completely nothing = Mi no tin nada nada
I have absolutely nothing = Mi no tin absolutamente nada

None, No - ningun

I have not a single friend = Mi no tin ningun amigo
I don't see anybody = Mi no ta mira ningun hende

Neither, No - (ni) - ni
I have neither money nor friends = Mi no tin (ni) placa niamigo
He's neither a Dutchman nor a Frenchman, he is an Englishman = E no ta (ni) hulandes ni frances, e ta Ingles

The Plural
The plural ending "nan" is only used when it is necessary to express the plural meaning of a certain word:

My books are here = Mi boekinan ta aki
My cars are here too = Mi autonan tambe ta aki
My houses are new = Mi casnan ta nobo


I have two cars = Mi tin dos auto
I have three houses = Mi tin tres cas

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