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The Personal Pronouns
I - Ami / Mi
You - Abo / Bo
He She It - E
We - Nos
You (plural) - Boso
They - Nan

The polite form for you (bo) is translated according to the person it applies to, e.g.: Meneer, Señora, etc.

Who are you? = Ken bo ta?
Who are you? (Sir) = Ken meneer ta?
Who are you? (Mrs.) = Ken señora ta?

The Possesive Pronouns
My - Mi
Your - Bo
His her its - Su
Our - Nos
Your - Boso
Their - Nan

He/She/It has his/her/its book = E tin su boeki

I have my car = Mi tin mi auto
You have your shirt = Bo tin bo flanel
He/She/It has his/her/its book = E tin su boeki
We have our tickets = Nos tin nos pasashi
You have your drinks = Boso tin boso bebida
They have their luggage = Nan tin nan ekipahe


(of) Mine - Di mi
(of) Yours - Di bo
(of) His hers its - Di dje
(of) Ours - Di nos
(of) Yours - Di boso
(of) Theirs - Di nan

The Interrogative Pronouns
Who? = Kende? - Who are you? = Kende bo ta?
Where? = Unda? - Where do you go? = Unda bo ta bay?
What? = Kiko? - What do you have? = Kiko bo tin?
Why? = Pakiko? - Why do you go? = Pakiko bo ta bai?
Which? = Cua? - Which book is yours? = Cua boeki ta dibo?
How? = Con? - How are you? = Con ta bai?
How much? = Cuanto? - How much is this? = Cuanto esaki ta?

The Demonstrative Pronouns
Here - Aki
There - Aya
Yonder - Ey

This - that - these - those

This book = E boeki aki
That book = E boeki ey
That book yonder = E boeki aya

Substantively used, the demonstrative pronouns are translated by:

Note: Formerly es was the real form of the demonstrative pronoun

This is mine = Esaki ta dimi
That is yours = Esey ta dibo
That one (yonder) is his = Esaya ta di dje
These are mine = Esakinan ta dimi
Those are yours = Eseynan ta dibo
Those yonder are hers = Esayanan ta di dje

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