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Talk the Talk Get native - Learn the language! Here are some basic Papiamento lessons to help you get started. For more Papiamento click here .

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Old Wednesday, April 30th, 2008, 12:42 PM
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Default Looking for a translator


I'm a Dutch student searching for someone who wants to translate some sentences for me into Papiamento (like it is used on Aruba).
It's for a project on analyzing the Papiamento-language.
I found some translation-sites, but they all seem to work with Papiamentu, used on the other islands. The differences between these different versions of Papiaments are very confusing to me.
Can you help me?
I'll type the sentences I need at the end of this message.

Danki in advance!

  1. The king found some books.
  2. He did not read any books to his son.
  3. The three soldiers stirred the soup.
  4. They will stirr it for three hours.
  5. Every soldier was old and ugly.
  6. The castle is on a hill near a lake.
  7. Antonio has lived in Venice for three years now.
  8. No one arrived at the castle yesterday.
  9. Most of Prospero's books will arrive next week.
  10. The kind man gave a book to his daughter.
  11. She will put the book on a chair.
  12. Macbeth may find them in the forest (assume that them refers to people).
  13. Falstaff drank a glass of beer.
  14. Falstaff drank because he was thirsty.
  15. Miranda knew that Prospero had many books.
  16. Hamlet said that his mother was disloyal.
  17. Portia told Shylock that he should be kind to Antonio.
  18. Macbeth tried to kill the king.
  19. Macbeth tried to meet a witch.
  20. Prospero has promised to give her all the books.
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