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Old Sunday, January 21st, 2007, 11:04 PM
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Default Costa Linda Finance Chairman's Wife Revealed As Author Of Threatening E-mails



Yes, I did post a message under the pseudonym of “Gary Sundance.” My posting, however, was never intended to be threatening. It was me giving in to the all-too-human temptation to treat you to a little of your own medicine. After reading this posting, I urge folks to go to and click on the fifth thread so that others can judge my intent for themselves. It also needs to be noted for the record that the posting never appeared anywhere, including e-mails, with any of your personal info.

Lashing out and stooping to the level of others is never smart. I let my emotions get the better of me, I admit, and I wish I had used better judgment, especially because two wrongs never make a right. I accept that people may think less of me for reacting the way I did to what you well know, Alan, are a series of e-mails containing anonymous threats and false accusations that I myself received for several weeks, beginning around the holidays. For nearly two weeks now, members of the Costa Linda Board, you, and the handful of Schepps/Berger supporters have known that the author of those threatening and accusatory e-mails is none other than your good friend Barbara Berger, the wife of Costa Linda Board member and Finance Chairman Steven Berger.

At the bottom of this posting, I have provided just a sampling from the string of accusatory and threatening e-mails sent to me by Barbara Berger, so that Costa Linda members can see for themselves what I was contending with. They can judge for themselves just who was really doing the threatening.

I confess to you now that I was fairly convinced that you were the author of those anonymous e-mails sent to me under the pseudonym “Tennisbum16.” Why did I suspect you? You have attacked me publicly in e-mails posted on the Costa Linda and Aruba bbs. You have attacked Cy Holley. The anonymous e-mails I received have almost identical language to some of those attacks. Also, you and I have a history of disagreeing at the pool and you continue to be furious with Cy Holley for disagreements you had with him when he chaired the board. Alan, we have let our personal animosity for each other and your personal issues with Cy get in the way of what is important. We will no doubt lose respect from some people…as the Bergers and Mr. Schepps have already.

Well, as it turns out, I was wrong about who the anonymous e-mailer is, but not by much. I understand that you and the Bergers consult on all the language that goes into your postings. It certainly isn’t such a stretch, then, to think that you provided them with a little writing help when it came to the e-mails they sent me. And for the record, my family was afraid when “Tennisbum16” told me “I’m going to get you.” Over a period of several weeks, I received six e-mails accusing me of everything from stealing to ignorance. The e-mails also took nasty shots at Cy Holley in the most immature and infantile language.

You are probably the only person besides Steve Berger who wasn’t surprised to find out that Tennisbum16 is your friend Barbara. I eventually did my own probe and didn’t have to spend Costa Linda members’ money to do so. Just Google Tennisbum16 and you will find a guest book from El Gaucho’s Restaurant and the Turtle’s Nest signed by Steven and Barbara Berger. When confronted with this proof, your friend Steve Berger admitted outright that he was aware of his wife’s e-mails and did not attempt to stop them.

Rather than take this knowledge to the public, as you have done Alan, I wrote a letter to Board Chairman Schepps and asked that he seek Berger’s resignation. Now, so that I can explain my action, you have forced me to “out” Steve and Barbara Berger. A copy of that letter will be posted right after this response is posted. I sought his resignation because, while Berger acknowledged in private conversations with other board members that he had full knowledge of his wife’s anonymous e-mails, he offered no apology and did not even mildly criticize them, let alone condemn them. Now, I ask you, Alan, is this the kind of person you want in a leadership position at Costa Linda? And Alan, why have you not at least condemned Barbara’s action?

If the board would release the minutes and tape recordings of the special January 9 board meeting (fat chance), CL members will hear Berger and Chairman Schepps mocking my letter seeking Berger’s resignation and attacking me for suggesting “a man can control his wife.” They will also hear Berger making a promise to post a message on the CL bb and on the Aruba public bb about my accusations against his wife and threatening to pursue this matter “with the authorities.” I have one main thing to say to about that:

Your Jan. 12th posting is really Steve Berger’s posting which he vowed to execute within a few days at the January 9th board meeting. This latest posting of yours is a follow-up. He is hiding behind you.

CL members can judge for themselves after reading Barbara Berger’s e-mails who should have been pursuing “the authorities.” I suppose people might disagree about whether Berger’s complicity in his wife’s ugly behavior is reason enough to resign. But wouldn’t you think a person of character would have at least offered an apology for his wife’s “uncontrollable” actions? Wouldn’t you expect the Chairman would have at least asked Berger to make an apology or promise that this would not happen again. The CL members will judge for themselves and, Alan, they will judge you and me.

And right about now, a lot of people might be saying to hell with all of us.

None of this changes the fact that an overwhelming number of Costa Linda members have seen for themselves, way before any of this e-mail crap, the arrogance, incompetence and all-around bad decisions by the gang in charge. The members are saying loud and clear they want a change. Nothing you can say about me will change that. My personal actions do not affect the credibility of dozens of people spearheading the Members Coalition or the credibility of any member who knows me and agrees about what a lousy job the board leadership is doing.

Stop trying to smear Linda Rapaport, Carol Bengis and Cy Holley (haven’t you people beaten up on him enough?) They knew nothing of my posting about you and I never sent it to them. I know you and the Bergers are desperate because we have so many proxies, but don’t you know your constant attempts to tar them with my indiscretion has already come back to haunt you? Don’t you think people want to know how you could support the guys who won’t let members who disagree with them use their own bulletin board forum, the guys who attack others instead of explaining the real reasons they raised the maintenance fees without taking it to the members?

The very idea that you get to post yet another one-sided story on CL’s bb, which Berger and Schepps have allowed, and that this response won’t see the light of day on there makes most people’s blood boil.

You know what? CL members may say to hell with you and me, but I know they still want and are damn well entitled to their board minutes, their bulletin board open to all posters, their financial information, their management well supervised and their resort financially strong. At the end of the day, that’s why they will vote for a change.

Here are the e-mails from Tennisbum: My letter to Board Chairman Schepps will follow in a separate posting.


Subject: Re: Costa Linda BB --- Censored Posts of Cy Holley
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2006 01:02:07 EST

my email was not forwarded by a member! you stole it!
you dont even know the facts about what that petition is all about.
MR. HOLLEY is in this all for himself.
I call him MR. because he is no DR.
he is just one big sore loser since he did not get his own way.
costa linda is run for all the members even those who have only one week.
why would he ever want an increase in maintenence when he owns 51+ weeks.
also, why is he selling his 51 weeks and has already sold 3 other weeks that i know of?
sour grapes and bye bye holley. we will get along fine without you.


Subject: Re: Costa Linda BB --- Censored Posts of Cy Holley
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2007 14:20:01 EST

so, mr. wallace, tell me who gave you my name?
i have a right to know!
i am contacting someone i know in your state and they will get to you.
you have illegally stole my email as well as a friend and cousins also.
dont play dumb! you know what you did. i have a computer nerd friend also.
he told me just what you did. i am sure that the agency i will contact will get to the bottom of this illegal manipulation and the stealing of private email addresses. dont think being in aruba will get you out of this. not so!

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Old Sunday, January 21st, 2007, 11:07 PM
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Default Contemptible Behavior Resignation Letter

January 8, 2007

CLBR Chairman David Schepps
J.E. Irasquin Blvd. #59
P.O. Box 1345
Oranjestad, Aruba
Dutch Carribean

Dear Mr. Schepps:

I am writing to inform you that during the past several weeks, I have been the recipient of a series of very unpleasant anonymous e-mails. They have run the gamut from making crude and insulting remarks about former Board Chairman Cy Holley, to accusations of theft, and actual threats of harm against me.

The anonymous e-mailer accused me of stealing her e-mail address. I did no such thing. Her e-mail address was forwarded to me from a member she knows personally. Attached are copies of two (2) of the e-mail messages, she has sent.

In what was a shocking revelation, I discovered that the author of these anonymous messages is Mrs. Barbara Berger, the wife of CLBR Board Member and Finance Committee Member Steven Berger. And, in an even more disturbing development, it has come to my attention that Mr. Berger has admitted that he was fully aware of his wife’s e-mail messages to me.

I ask that you request Mr. Berger’s immediate resignation from the Costa Linda Beach Resort Association Board.

This is completely inappropriate, contemptible behavior. By having knowledge of this ugly behavior and not putting a stop to it, he has demonstrated he is not fit to serve on the board and should simply step down.

Aside from the possible legal consequences of such actions, this is clearly not the kind of behavior that can be tolerated by civilized people, and it raises serious questions about the character and leadership of this board member.


Greg Wallace
15 Year Member
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