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Old Sunday, March 18th, 2007, 08:04 PM
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Default --- Why They Must Go !!! ---


Here's a reminder for all the stake holders in a better future for Costa Linda. Costa Linda Board Chairman Schepps and CL Finance Committee Co-Chairmen Berger and Walker need to be replaced because of their:
  • Lack of supervision of CL management;
  • Refusal to release minutes of board meetings or financial information -- not only to the members, but also to other board members who have a responsibility to make informed decisions;
  • Failure to hold CL management accountable for developing plans to address a fiscal shortfall that tripled over a period of eight months, and for not implementing quickly enough the board-approved Energy surcharge and Energy Audit and Study -- which to date, has not been done;
  • Failure to examine financial records for nearly four months between June, when the deficit had climbed to $500,000, and early October when it ballooned to some $750,000; and, not halting all discretionary spending (new, ineffective door lock system, all new porch furniture, replacement of all toilets, etc.) during that period;
  • Poor communication about and botched handling of a 20 percent, mid-year maintenance fee increase, which was implemented without the required approval of the members;
  • Censorship of our own bulletin board and blatant personal use of it to divert from their own mistakes, by posting messages and allowing others to be posted, which contained unseemly, undignified personal attacks against a current board member and former chairman;
  • Decision to provide a letter filled with personal attacks against the same board member at Friday check-in of our resort, which was only stopped when arriving members protested;
  • Lack of accessibility to other board members (unanswered phone messages or e-mails) and to the members. While at the resort, Chairman Schepps has not attended a single GM meeting and, in fact, those meetings have either been postponed until he leaves or have been canceled all together. He does not provide an e-mail address or respond to messages funneled through CL management.
  • Decision to create chaos as a way to eliminate three board "dissidents" (as Mr. Schepps calls all who disagree with him) by defying a consensus of the board reached at its Jan. 9th meeting to have the lawyers work with the Aruban notary to resolve the concerns over the amendments to our bylaws and articles and resubmit the compromises to the members;
  • Ignoring an acceptable path toward government approval of our member-approved rules, as evidenced by the revelation that Costa Linda’s “sister” resorts – Playa Linda, Aruba Beach Club and Casa Del Mar – have government-approved rules similar to the ones we approved … with boards ranging from 5-9 members, at least some of which have no Aruban residency requirements;
  • Placing personal political considerations above what's best for CLBR and its members. Contrary to Mr. Schepps claims, there was no pressing legal need to take such drastic actions as declaring an interim board, dismantling the nine-member board and trying to force the old five-member Aruban-dominated board on the members. There was only a political need for a vehicle to force their opponents off the board.
  • Defying the members wishes, by sidestepping the most important of the five member-driven Propositions (recall of up to six board members). By imposing a five-member board, they created yet another vehicle for trying to avoid recall. The five-member board is a clever maneuver and counter to our recall proposition because it would force all Board members to stand for re-election to a smaller board that requires three-Aruban residents.
  • Misrepresentation of the facts. In a wasteful $30,000 mailing to CL member all over the world, Mr. Schepps feigned surprise at the so-called revelation about the legal status of the amendments to CLBR’s By-Laws and Articles, despite the fact that, before he was elected chairman, he agreed to work with CL's counsel, general manager and the Aruban notary to resolve the government’s concerns with our rules. He was supposed to have reported back to the board on his progress;
  • Attempts to mislead the members by implying that the Extraordinary Members meeting request is not valid, even though the rules thatprovide for such a meeting --- which have been approved by the government --- and the newer rules under consideration share the same exact language.
Despite what you’ve been told, our request for a special meeting is LEGAL and VALID. The special members’ meeting remains our best insurance for restoring responsible leadership to the Costa Linda Board of Directors.

If you haven't yet signed the Request for an Extraordinary Members Meeting, please e-mail one of us for the Meeting Request Form:

Linda Rapaport
Greg Wallace

and then Fax it to:

Members Relation Group --- 781-466-8887

The Members Coalition
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