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Unhappy We're Mad As Hell & We're Not Going To Take It Anymore!

A group of owners has come together---individuals who have previously been on opposing sides of most issues, but have decided the best course to follow is to work in a collaborative manner to achieve the goals that are important to all owners. Now that we are undertaking to regain control of the Costa Linda Beach Resort for and by its members, the Costa Linda United Members has devised the following principles for its operation from this date forward:
The Coalition was formed as a way of keeping the Costa Linda owners apprised of events affecting the operation of our resort and providing a sounding board for owners to offer ideas and opinions to the other owners, Costa Linda management, and the Costa Linda Board of Directors. It was intended to provide information and prevail upon Costa Linda management and its Board of Directors to understand that, the management and Board act at the approval and deference of these owners. We have decided to take this to the next step and unite everyone to bring about the changes needed at our resort.Understand that this is not “politics as usual”. We’ve had enough and both sides are determined to work together, as a team, to restore the resort’s credibility, its stability and we agree to work collaboratively for the common good.
To this end, the undersigned owners in the Costa Linda United Members agree to endorse the principles listed in the following Code of Operations:
Costa Linda UnitedMembers Code of Operations

1. Our goals are:
· Serve as an objective source of information without attempting to influence the owners’ opinions.
· Remove the 3 Arubans from the Board and replace them with directors willing to act in the best interests of the owners.
· Receive government approval of our submitted Articles and By-Laws as soon as possible, by meeting all government requests in a timely manner, which will allow us to restore the 9-member board.
· Replace existing management at the resort with a team responsive to owners' and employees' best interests.
2. The Costa Linda United Members will NOT, as a group, endorse any candidates. If asked for personal opinions, the members can individually choose to comment, but will make it clear it is an individual opinion, not that of our organization.
3. Any issues that are to be voted on by the CLBR Membership will have no endorsement from the Costa Linda United Members as an entity. Our organization will NOT endorse any particular view, but again, as individuals, may offer personal opinions, stated as such.
If you would like to join us, please supply us with contact information---either an e-mail address or your home address after October 16. Please e-mail us your information at:
We agree to all of the above.

Greg Wallace Sandy Wallace Sherry Feit Murray Feit Rocky Couch Norm Michaels

Dave Lorenzatti Ed Hurd Carol Bengis Henry Bengis Donald Squires Margaret Squires
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