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Old Wednesday, September 30th, 2009, 09:12 AM
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Default A good run!

Well, it was another good run, as my pals and I used to say.

It seemed hotter than before this August and September, but the breeze remained steady with rare exception. No hurricanes passed to the north and that was a blessing.

In the mean time, we met several new acquaintances and renewed old friendships around the island. It's fascinating the people you meet from all over the world in Aruba. Some are just passing through, others are putting down roots, still others are making a pilgrimage to a well known shrine. This is one of my favorite reasons for making Aruba a permanent stop on this life's journey.

We tried a few new (new for us) restaurants, most notably Ellioti's, which was very good and convenient to boot. On the local side, Cafe Capri, Hot Take-Away, and Brasa y Leñas were all great for down scale quality chow. Old favorites like Casa Vieja and The Sultan maintained there reputation. The Sultan has a new owner, we will be trying that out upon our next return.

Hotel-wise, I discovered (thanks to a good friend) Buffam's Tropical Haven, which I hope to make a loitering spot of mine. They have only 3 rooms to rent but a home-style atmosphere, nice pool, and location that's close to everything. Good folks run the place and I look forward to hanging out there when time permits. (Yes, I'll bring the pastry from Huchada, which by the way, added several pounds to me this trip.)

Hyatt Sunday Brunch and Sole Mare also proved reliable.

The BB-parties were great. It's a blast meeting people that you only "read" on the boards. Several of the get togethers were well attended and faces old and new were to be seen. This tradition should continue for good reason.

I made another video of the departure from Queen Beatrix Airport. Flying over the island it occurred to me that the hotel strip is not as large as it seems. In fact, it's a smallish part of a small island, and dare I say that the impact of such may be a bit overstated. May I also suggest breaking away from that spot (after some fun in the sun and on the beach). Go for a roam, a drive about, a trek into the hinterland. Stop at a rum shop, or a little store, or a place that you might otherwise ignore. Viva la differencia!

As for San Nicolaas (my favorite town) things are sleepy now that the refinery has gone cold. No flares, no smoke, no carousing on Van Zeppenfeldstraat (okay, maybe a little). This is sad, as are the weeds that are growing over Charlie's grave.

Then again, paradise reclaims its own, and for this we smile.

Bon dia.


The takeoff video can be seen at:
Takeoff! « The Bent Page
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Old Wednesday, September 30th, 2009, 08:16 PM
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One Happy Island Re: A good run!

Wow!!! That take off was awsome!!!! What kind of a zoom do you have for that? They should call you steady Eddie because you never moved at all. I really hope to meet up with you on our next trip. We will be there Jan. 17 thru 24th. Then we go to Bonaire for 6 days. Then back to Aruba from Jan 30 thru Feb 13th. Any chance that you will be there any of that time? Kent

29th trip Nov 4th for 5 months!!
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