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Old Thursday, August 12th, 2010, 08:53 AM
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Default Sales and rental rules-how many posts do you really need and other important topics

Our moderating staff, especially me, has been very lax with this area. One reason is that there are so many posts it became impossible to keep up with them. We really need to be a little more specific with what we ask and start keeping up with the posts. This will make the board more efficient and it will be easier to find what they need in order to buy, sell or rent their property.

We also do not want any professional realtors taking advantage of our board. When they take advantage of the board, they undermine our members and their advertisements.

Although some of the rules may sound harsh they are actually the rules we have had since the first day. However, we get complaints from our members when they arenít so we are rectifying my laziness.

the place to post rentals and sales of privately owned timeshares is in the ownerís corner on the specific timeshare thread. It is now the only place to post private rentals.

Private parties who have a home or apartment for rent may post in Aruba Vacation Properties for Sale or Rent. That doesnít mean that you can post every week. You may post once to remind us that you have this property and then we would suggest that you add your link/information/whatever to your signature so that we can see that you are the proud owner of this property but you donít overpower us with advertisements. If you own in Aruba you should know information about Aruba. If you want us to get to know you and for our members to see your signature, become a constructive member of our board. Help us and we in turn get to know you and the fact that you possess this property.

Realtors will not be posting on our board. If you are a realtor you may do exactly what we explained above. Put your info in your signature. Make yourself a useful member of our board. Never contact our members by private messages or emails with a sales pitch. If they are interested in you or your properties they will contact you. If you wish to do professional advertising contact our webmasters and arrangements can be made.

For your own security and privacy, do NOT list your email in your post. Please have people contact you thru private messages until you feel comfortable with the people. Posting your email for all to see can be a dangerous habit to develop.

Please do not just post the week numbers for your timeshares. Most people donít know what the weeks mean. Post the dates too as an effective merchandising tool.

If the posting is in the wrong place we will move it or delete it if it breaks our rules.
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