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Old Thursday, August 12th, 2010, 09:19 AM
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Default Lurkers and the Reasons to Join. What Canít I do if I Only Lurk?

At any given time of day we will see as few as 10 and as many as 150 lurkers on our board. Some eventually become members. Some are afraid that they will start getting junk mail if they sign up with us as does happen with some websites.

We do not lend, give or sell your name to anyone. We never did and never will. We also recommend that once you become a member, you allow only the administrators to access your email. We obviously need to if you have a problem or to activate your account but we never know if a new member is there only to collect email addresses or send out spam emails. You will receive emails from us only if you contact us first or on your birthday if you give us your birthday information in your profile.

There are many reasons to join us. Of course, our sparkling personalities are one factor to consider. Our information on Aruba is another. However, you can take advantage of both of those without joining.

So, what canít you do if you only lurk? You canít respond to posts. You canít start threads. You canít send or receive private messages. You canít click on new posts and only get the posts listed that you didnít get to read the last time. You canít create a calendar event such as your trip to Aruba, a bulletin board party, a birthday or an anniversary.

Worst of all you canít join in our favorite section: Ďthe good, the bad and the uglyí. There are some great threads there and most have nothing much to do with Aruba. Join us, join in, and start a new thread.
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